Out Of Space Is Out Now

Out Of Space brings the chaos of close quarters space battles to Steam with a twist and it is out now.

Coming from the creators of Chroma Squad, Behold, Out of Space is a fun multiplayer co-op game that launches players into space and challenges them to survive as they build a home for themselves among the stars. This sin;t quite like the prospecting in Journey To The Savage Planet, instead this top down cartoon adventure is more like the madness of Overcooked than Aliens Isolation. Anybody picking up this co-op will kick off their trek aboard a new space ship. Astronauts and their friends will need to make the best of their new home, upgrading it, taking care of the food, building places to rest, buying new pieces of tech and even taking care of the dog. Even better, there’s always the threat of a deadly alien infection if things get too unhygienic.

Space Trash

Out of Space hit Early Access on Steam back in 2019 but is now live and launching players into space across PC, Mac, and Linux. The full game includes a ton of achievements, full local and online 4 player co-op, the same eccentric and charming animation that drew us to games like Knights of Pen and Paper, as well as some utterly addictive gameplay. An adventure in outer space will set you back a measly $14.99 or local equivalent, and with 10 languages available that’s a fair few exchange rates. Behold is already busy transporting the game to consoles later this year, but we do not have any details on dates or pricing in dollars or universal credits. Hopefully, port specialists, Plug In Digital won’t rematerialize it on console with an extra head.

Head over to the official Out of Space Steam store to grab the game or check out the trailer to watch the horrors that space has in store, and the cleaning robot.


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