Outriders Is Being Delayed But will Get A Free Demo

outriders delay and demo pitcture of main character

Outriders, the impressive looking sci-fi shooter from Square Enix, is unleashing a little delayed this year but gamers are getting a free demo soon.

Like so many big budget AAA titles of late, it seems that Outriders is the latest casualty to suffer something of a delay before it finally makes it into your hands. Originally due to hit consoles and PC on 2 February, the Square Enix title is now due to explore PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Playstation Platforms on 1 April. Hopefully not some kind of joke, this delay gives the team behind Outriders and opportunity to further tweak all aspects of the game and will hopefully find it shipping without any major bugs.

Although the near three month wait is a little last minute, Square Enix has also announced an opportunity to give survival a shot as it drops a free demo on 25 February. Announced alongside the delay on the Outriders social media platforms, the demo will let you pick any of the four classes and scour a ravaged future in single player and co-op modes. In total, the hands on experience should give a glimpse fo the first few hours of Outriders and will even allow participants to migrate their progress over into the fully fledged game when it launches.

After announcing Outriders at E3 2019 with a fancy trailer, we’ve been eagerly waiting on this scifi shooter from the creators of Bulletstorm. Seemingly melding a raft of cool narrative ideas with a core drop-in drop out shooter mechanic, Outriders will thrust players onto a new world. Trapped on the inhospitable world of Enoch, you’ll track a mysterious signal and explore the dangers that await, if you pick up the Outriders demo before the delayed-release on 1 April 2021. ou can find out more about outriders over at the official website now.

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