Outriders Is Getting a Free Demo Version

outriders delay and demo pitcture of main character

Outriders, a co-op action from People Can Fly and Square Enix, will be receiving a free demo version. It will be available on the following platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Steam & streaming with NVIDIA GeForce NOW) on February 25th.

The developers have taken to Twitter and Steam to reveal the details of the upcoming demo version:

  • The download size for the demo will be: Minimum 24GB (possibly more after decompression)
  • Pre-loading is not currently planned to be available
  • Crossplay will be available in the demo, but it will be in beta form and will need to be manually enabled via your settings.
  • The game’s Discord has been set up with plenty of Looking-For-Group voice channels
  • There is no time limit, either for playing or for accessing it prior to launch. The demo is also planned to remain live beyond launch.
  • The demo includes the game’s prologue & opening chapter. This means that gear & enemies that you come across will be the early game variants. The further you get in the full Outriders story, the more twisted, exotic and powerful both gear & enemies will become
  • The demo runs up until the showdown with Gauss, the first rival Altered who may be even more dangerous than you.
  • The demo includes all 4 classes and 6 character slots.
  • Character level is capped at 7.
  • You can progress up to World Tier 5.
  • Resources will be capped at a certain (generous) amount in order to safeguard balancing for when you go into the main game.
  • The demo will not include any achievements, but your in-game accolades will transfer along with your regular progress.
  • You are free to stream any part of the Demo. No restrictions.

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