Outward RPG Release Date Revealed

It might seem that the biggest monster on your radar is the pile of wrapping that is growling at you from the corner of the room right now. New fantasy survival RPG, Outward aims to make light of that glistening parcel wrap. Alongside a brand new trailer, Deep Silver has revealed that this adventure is due to release March 26th, 2019.

A twist on recent survival sandboxes, Deep Silver and developer Nine Dots, along with Maximum Games, plan to plunge players into a brand new fantasy world. Myth, monsters, and magic await players ready to take on the most gruesome of evil in this adventure, but things won’t be as simple as slotting your sword skills this time. As players plod through an open world, they play the part of a true inhabitant of this land. That means biological maintenance and self-preservation against harsh environmental effects. This also means that while magic is part of the wider world, it will require more than a cast cool down. Rituals, recipes, and intricate preparation will be necessary to summon the spirits to your aid.

The inclusion of two-player local and online multiplayer is another unusual twist to the modern survival genre. Even more unusual is a local split-screen addition to Outward. From the off, players will be able to venture out into the wilderness with a friend, or foe., an ally to share the burden, and a unique level of strategy to events.

Outward seems to be a genuinely interesting set of twists on the traditional survival sandbox, where post-apocalyptic ruins and historical monuments rarely innovate on well-established concepts. If you are interested in the range of myth and magic that awaits and a world where exposure to the elements is just as likely to kill the player as and monster, then Outward is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can find out more on the official website or steam store.

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