Overcome Degrees of Separation This Valentines Day

Gaming is better done together and this Valentine’s day indie developer Moondrop has the perfect co-op adventure for your own static party. Grab your support and get for Degrees of Separation with a brand new launch trailer.

Published by the team at Modus games, this 2D puzzle platformer is a charming look at a budding relationship. Designed for co-op, or the ambitious and very ambidextrous solo player, this adventure introduces two opposing worlds that fight to co-exist as players wind their way throughout a lush fantasy setting.

Penned by Chris Avellone of Fallout: New Vegas fame, Degrees of Separation’s narrative explores a range of distinct themes. Whether it is trust, anger, or more somber emotions, these feelings impact the area of the world that players investigate. Using their own opposing forces Ember and Rime, the game’s own protagonists, must make their mark on the world and traverse each of these themes. Whether it means creating explosions of opposing energy or just manipulating the environmental objects around them, players will traverse a range of zones. Rendered in a gorgeous two-tone aesthetic, the separation of these two characters could not be clearer, yet I can’t wait to find out if two distinctly different forces can co-exist and grow closer in this adventure.

Degrees of Separation is due out Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC in just in time Valentines Day and will cost less than a bunch of roses, at $19.99. Check out the official website to find out more about Ember and Rime’s romance.

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