Overhit Conscripts Classic HIT Characters

overhit hit update

Overhit, the popular mobile title from Koran publisher Nexon, is getting a little help from a new realm today. HIT’s Kiki will make an appearance in a crossover event.

Running right now and online until 9th January 2020, the Overhit x HIT crossover event blends together two of Nexon’s most popular mobile titles in a time-limited experience that should please many fans of the older franchise. Heroe’s of Incredible Tales was, at one time, a well regarded mobile title developed by NAT Games and published by Nexon. The game’s mobile graphics and intense 3v3 PvP action made it stand out in the market when it launched back in 2016. The title, however, put down its sword and shield around 6 months ago.

Now, players that have settled into Overrhit can play as Kiwi and relive a few of the glory days. Nexon describes Kiwi’s powers as follows:

Kiki, who enlists in Overhit’s unprecedented roster of heroes. Kiki boasts a mysterious magical power that controls nature, which allows her to teleport and take control of lightning and water to wipe out enemies and cause chaos on the battlefield

Overhit manages this narrative mix up by putting payers in charge of the Black Wings resistance army. Made up of 120 characters from across time and space, these warriors take part in a turn-based series of battles in Nexon’s RPG. Alongside Kiki’s entrance, the latest update to this mobile adventure includes a new Hatsune Miku Costume, a Raid Boss “Yoho” who drops a legendary nine-tailed fire fox in front of players, balance improvements, and a whole ton of new in-game events.

With all the new updates coming in and a few days left before we all get back to work maybe it’s time to get that new phone to work? You can pick up Overhit on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free now.

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