Overwatch 2 Is Available Now

The new era in Blizzard’s hero shooter has started now with the release of the sequel, Overwatch 2. You can now try it out for yourself – provided you can endure through the lengthy login queue.

Compared to the first game, Overwatch 2 embraced the new free-to-play model and introduced a variety of new goodies: new heroes, maps, battle passes and much more. The launch trailer boasted a new free-to-play experience, 5v5 battles, 35 unique heroes, 22 global maps, 6 distinct modes.

Those who owned the first game might want to login to the sequel between now and the start of Season 2 to claim the new hero Kiriko for free. If you are a newcomer to Overwatch 2, fret not: the Battle Pass progression will let you unlock this wall-scaling healer ninja for free, provided you play enough. You can find out more information from the Battle Pass outline.

Speaking of Kiriko, the developers have provided all players with a way to unlock a Legendary skin for this newcomer, alongside with a new spray and a weapon charm via Twitch Drops. You simply have to tune in for Overwatch 2 related streams for the specified amount of hours between October 7 and October 16th (for the skin) and between October 17 and October 24 (for the spray & charm). You can find more details here.

But before you get started, you have to re-link your Twitch and Battle.net accounts to be eligible for drops – even if you did participate in similar events in the past. To do so, log into your Battle.net account, proceed to Battle.net Connections page, click Connect and follow the instructions.

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