Overwatch 2 PvE Maps Will Be Larger & More Complex

Overwatch 2

A new Overwatch 2 developer post has appeared on the game’s official site that goes into great detail about the engine being used to create the sequel to one of Blizzard’s most successful titles. The TED engine is the workhorse the dev team is using to build the infrastructure for OW2 and it touches on nearly every aspect of the game from its multiplatform complexities to lighting to performance statistics, to memory usage to character skins and much, much more.

One particular note that may be of interest to players looking forward to the as-yet-undated OW2 is the mention near the end of the article about how its PvE maps will be “larger and more complex”.

“Overwatch 2’s PvE (Player vs. Environment) maps are larger and more complex than Overwatch maps like Retribution and Storm Rising. That doesn’t just mean more distance to cover, but also longer missions involving more kinds of foes and more elaborate encounters. Adding enemy types leads to complex ability interactions between enemies and heroes–but also between the enemies themselves, like short-range and long-range units that coordinate their attacks.”

The article wraps up with a brief note about the complexities of working from home but that, in some ways, the teams have gotten closer to one another by virtually gathering several times a week to discuss the various components of the game.

Check the full post out on the Overwatch 2 official site.

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