Overwatch 2: Will It Be Worth The Wait?

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Overwatched was released in 2016 and soon became a massive online multiplayer game that dominated online gaming in the sense that this genre was usually occupied by Call of Duty, Fifa, and PUGB. Overwatch marched into the genre with its vibrant colors and incredible cinematics, massive maps, and complex gameplay that almost had a campaign feel to it at the same time. The maps are so huge, and players need to complete different objectives based on the gameplay.

The characters, skins, perks, and maps make this game incredible – but how will Overwatch 2 fair? Let’s explore.

Firstly, When Is It Releasing?

Hold your horses – because Overwatch 2 isn’t due to release anytime soon. Dennis Durkin, Activision Blizzard’s CFO, released a statement that neither Overwatch 2 nor Diablo 4 would make it to a 2021 release date. Eager beavers will have to make do with Overwatch for now – not that that’s a shame. Players can expect to get their hands on Overwatch 2 in 2022; how far into it is yet to be discussed.

The Expected Similarities

There are a few things we know will carry on into the new and expectedly incredible Overwatch 2. The official game trailer gives us some clues – and shows that our much-loved characters will travel the world, city by city, to defeat the robot invasion. That’s going to be completely different from the current Overwatch gameplay – Overwatch at present is more PvP, whereas Overwatch 2 will focus on PvE gameplay.

What will stay the same – are exciting features like loot boxes (we hope). There has been some talk that this feature will be removed from the original Overwatch, but will it feature in Overwatch 2? Let’s see what happens with that.

Overwatch 2

Gamers Love Loot Boxes

Players can buy loot boxes, but they are a reward for every new level-up achieved. What are loot boxes and who invented them? Loot boxes are lucrative gameplay features players can access to give them free things in the form of perks, skins, player cards, weapons, money – you name it! The origin traces back to the Japanese version of the game MapleStory in 2004. Since then, games like Call of Duty, Fifa, and league of legends have made them a staple feature of the game.

In Overwatch, loot boxes contain four random items – and 18.5% of loot boxes contain an Epic item. All the same and most loved characters will feature in Overwatch 2, so don’t worry, your favorites aren’t going anywhere. However, there will be some new characters, and we’re here for them. Read more on that below.

Read this article to see what else should feature in Overwatch 2.

The New And Improved

Whether it’ll be improved is yet to be seen – but what we do know is that gameplay focuses on PvE missions rather than PvP, which indicates Overwatch 2 will feel more like a campaign game than an online one. Although, apparently, players who don’t wish to buy the new Overwatch game will be able to play alongside players from Overwatch 2 in Blizzard’s attempt to make the games co-exist.

PvP gameplay in Overwatch 2 is to go through a total revamp – one announcement stated tanks, for example, Reinhardt, will work more aggressively. At BlizzCon 2021, Jeff Kaplan — who worked on the original Overwatch — stated game modes like two-point capture mode might not make it into the new game – something many veteran players will be happy about.

Let’s talk about the new and potentially improved characters – all of which will have their unique powers and talents. A lot of it is speculation, but one character we know will feature in Overwatch 2 is Sojourn – and she looks badass. Sojourn was once a captain of the Overwatch in the Golden Age and since then has undergone cybernetic brain upgrades to make her more powerful than ever. She should have an energy-powered gun with two unique firing modes.

What Will The Gameplay Be Like?

As mentioned above, gameplay will focus more on PvE and missions. Players will join forces playing as different heroes to defeat the Null army – the robot invasion. There will also be Hero missions – something totally new for Overwatch 2. These will be separate from the PvE story mode and should be much more replayable. Players will be able to level up their heroes for the all-important loot box rewards and gain access to player customizations and ability modifications.

It’ll be completely different, and some might even say controversial, but we’re more than ready for the new Overwatch 2 release. With a different take on gameplay, it’ll be interesting to see whether it’ll live up to expectations and follow in the footsteps of the much-loved Overwatch. Hopefully, it will be more than worth the wait.

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