Overwatch Begin The Kanezaka Challenge

OVerwatch The Kanezaka Challenge

Following on from a recent map reveal, Overwatch just got a new competitive challenge called the Kanezaka Challenge.

Hanzo mains are in for a bit of a treat for the next few weeks as it seems Blizzard’s latest competitive event is going to offer up some extra add ons for this bow wielding hero. Announced with a teaser trailer last night, the new Kanezaka Challenge comes courtesy of the eponymous Kanezaka map, which landed in Overwatch less than a month ago. After giving players some time to get to grips with the free for all competition hosted in this arena, the latest event now features a brand new Hanzo skin as the ultimate reward for victorious players.

Set in Japan, this Kanezaka map is an appropriately themed arcade style free for all with few tactical objectives. This should make things hectic enough as players jump into the Kanezaka Challenge between 12 January – 25 January and try to grind out wins for a variety of in game loot. While we don’t know the full list of rewards that players could potentially pick up on their road to glory, we already have a glimpse of the newest Hanzo skin, seen in the trailer announcement trailer.

The event and trailer come accompanied by a recent lore drop too. Featuring correspondence for Toshiro Yamagami, it seems to hint that maybe the latest Hanzo skin might be set sometime in Hanzo’s early days. You can check out the full lore post over on the official website, here. Until Blizzard release much more detail or the new Kanezaka Challenge kicks off proper, we won’t know much more. If you’re interested in grabbing the newest Hanzo skin then head over to the official Overwatch site now and draw your bow for the Kanezaka Challenge.

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