Overwatch Dev Update Showcases New Kanezaka Map

A new Overwatch developer update has been published on YouTube. This time, Game Director Jeff Kaplan introduces the upcoming Kanezaka map and reveals that it is already available on the OWPTR for players to try out. Kaplan also talks about some of the lore behind the map and shows off a bit of gameplay as a teaser.

In one of the more intriguing discoveries by the community, one fan noticed the graffiti image of a fox. Over the years since the game’s release, Blizzard has teased a potential playable character who runs around with a fox companion. Fans are hopeful that the presence of the fox on the Kanezaka map is a hint that this character may at long last be introduced, perhaps for OW2. Blizzard is always tricky when it comes to their hero announcements, often taking weeks and posting cryptic messages/images before finally unveiling the new character.

We don’t know much about OW2 other than the fact that multiplayer content from it will also be released as part of OW1. The community is stoked that this potential new character will also become part of the original game. It’s unlikely that we’ll hear anything before the virtual BlizzCon fan celebration set for February 19-20, 2021. Devs have promised more information about OW2 will be released at that time.

For now, enjoy Kaplan’s dev update and then head to the Overwatch official site to learn more about the game.

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