Overwatch Free Weekend May 25-28 & Anniversary Celebration

Overwatch free weekend anniversary

Blizzard has published a new Overwatch blog post to announce that the game will be free to play on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Overwatch free weekend will be running from May 25 through May 28. Don’t miss out if you do not own the game yet!

For this free weekend, we’re making Overwatch’s full roster of 27 heroes and 18 maps available for play in a variety of modes, including Quick Play, Custom Games, and the Arcade. Players will also be able to level up, earn Loot Boxes, and unlock a variety of different customization options for their heroes.

If players decide to purchase the game after or during the free weekend, all progress will be carried over as long as long as the same Blizzard account / Xbox Live / Sony Entertainment account is used.

Check out the blog post & FAQ to learn more!

Additionally, Overwatch Twitter account has shared the exciting announcement that Overwatch Anniversary will kick off on May 22 and bring back past brawls and cosmetics! If you’ve missed out on some special event rewards, it will be the time to dive in!

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