South Korean Overwatch Hacker Handed Prison Sentence

Overwatch Hacker

As SBS News reports, 28-years old hack creator from South Korea could be facing jail time for violating Game Industry Promotion Law & Information and Communication Technology Protection Law. The harsh sentence is reportedly related to a large sum of money the Overwatch hacker was able to collect for his program – around $180k.

South Korea treats the IT sphere seriously and considers hacking, match-fixing and boosting as major offences.

Two other Overwatch hackers were sentenced earlier this year; one received two years probation and another was fined 10 million won, or $10,000. Thirteen hackers and match-fixers were arrested in January by South Korean police, but the remaining 10 still await sentencing.

In other Overwatch-related news, A Play of the Game System is now officially patented by Blizzard, after 2 years waiting. If you want to read all the nitty-gritty details, you can access the full text of the document here.

A game server records events that occur within a match of a video game played using a plurality of game clients. After the match has concluded, the game server scores the events according to a plurality of criteria corresponding a plurality of play of the game categories. A sliding window is passed over the events in a number of increments. During each increment, the score for each event that falls within the sliding window is aggregated for each of the categories. The game server then selects a play of the game category and determines the top aggregated score for that category. Once determined, the game server sends one or more instructions to the game clients which causes the game clients to display a replay of the events that occurred during the time window increment corresponding to the top aggregated score for the selected category.

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