Overwatch Introduces Priority Passes for Faster Queues

The Overwatch team posted a new developer update that introduces a new system to players that will be coming to the PTR in the very near future and into the live game sometime after that. Players who are willing to enter a flex queue — basically indicating they’ll take whatever role is needed in a match — will earn a Priority Pass that can be used at a later time to bypass much of the queue to line up for a specific role. There is no way to “pay” for Priority Passes. They are simply earned through gameplay.

Here’s how the Priority Pass system works in game:

  • Enter the flex queue and take whatever role is needed to get a match going.
  • Players taking flex roles earn one Priority Pass for a loss and “more” for a win.
  • Up to 40 Priority Passes can be banked, though that number is subject to change according to Jeff Kaplan.
  • When players want to queue for a specific role, they can use a banked Priority Pass to bypass long queues.

The update also introduced a new short story about Symmetra as well as a new skin that’s coming her way in a future update. Stone by Stone centers on Symmetra being sent to fix a PR incident after an Omnic statue is destroyed accidentally. Along the way, she runs into Zenyatta who instructs her about what she needs to do to smooth things out.

The story ends with a look at Symmetra’s new skin:



Check out the developer update and then visit the Overwatch official site to learn more.

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