Overwatch – LFG & Endorsements Battle Abusive Behavior

Overwatch Social Features Endorsements LFG

Overwatch team has introduced a couple of new social features to the game in one of the June updates: LFG & Endorsements.

Endorsements allow you to recognize the positive behaviour for sportsmanship, being a good teammate or for shot calling. Players who maintain a high endorsement level consistently will be receiving periodic rewards. Getting punished for abusive behavior nullifies the endorsement level.

Looking for Group gives you the tools to find and join a team of like-minded players or lead a group of your own by creating a group with your personal preferences such as game mode, role enforcement, and more.

Jeff Kaplan, the game director, has taken to the Overwatch community forums to share some stats related to how those new systems have affected the abusive behavior in the game:

The % of Competitive Matches that Contain Abusive Chat is down:

26.4% in the Americas
16.4% in KR

The % of Daily Players being Abusive is down:

28.8% in the Americas
21.6% in KR

We’re really pleased with the community’s efforts to make OW a better place! Thank you all!

And we’ll keep working on iterating on these features to make them better as well as exploring other systems to improve the gameplay environment.

You can find Kaplan’s post and participate in the discussion here.

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