Overwatch – D.Va Nano Cola Challenge

Blizzard Entertainment recently released a new Overwatch animated short titled “Shooting Star“. Now the company invites players to experience that excitement in-game by unlocking sprays, player icon and a new epic skin as a part of Nano Cola Challenge running through September 10.

Players’ wins in Quick Play, Competitive Play or Arcade will earn limited-time cosmetic D.Va-themed rewards, including a new epic skin Nano Cola D.Va.

These special D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge rewards are a bonus on top of your normal earnings for playing in the Arcade.

When you’re not playing to win, you can watch to unlock even more D.Va-themed cosmetics! For the next two weeks, we’re partnering with a variety of content creators from around the world to bring you a new series of Twitch Drops. Tune in to these MEKA-awesome broadcasters while they’re playing Overwatch anytime through September 10 to earn eight D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge sprays!

To be eligible for the Twitch rewards, you have to link your to your Twitch account.

Check out the official blog post to see the list of the eligible Twitch broadcasters and the spotlight date so you don’t miss out on your sprays.

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