Overwatch – Team Has Six New Heroes Planned

six new heroes overwatch

During BlizzCon 2018, the Overwatch team has been on hand to show off a new animated short “Reunion” featuring McCree and the latest character to join the roster – Ashe. However, the cinematic featured at least one more potential Hero candidate – a mysterious omnic Echo.

McCree addresses her as an “old friend” and comments that Overwatch needs her. During the presentation, the team pointed out that they want Echo to be around for a bit before she would be added.

Geoff Goodman also participated in an interview with PCGamesN where he mentioned that the team has six new heroes planned at the present. There are also teases of at least one of them in the cinematic.

“Obviously you saw Echo at the end of Reunion, and people still want Junker Queen, so we just have a lot of cool ideas out there,” Goodman said. “So we probably would just jump on something else [if the Ashe concept hadn’t worked].”

Via October development update, while there was no new map presented during BlizzCon 2018, the team is working on new map content as well.

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