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Update: Overwatch team has revealed a new in-game event via the latest tweet. Called Storm Rising, the event will see Mercy, Genji and Winston under the command of Tracer going after Maximilien, an omnic and a member of Talon, in an attempt to get Doomfist. The report is delivered by a woman named Sojourn as she talks to Strike-Commander Morrison. It appears the event might be taking place in Cuba. Check out the reveal below!

The Overwatch community site has been updated with a new blog post that features a Cuba newspaper cut from the in-game universe. The article talks about Don Rumbotico, a local rum distillery in Havana, the family behind it and its traditions, as well as the “recent change”.

An anonymous financial group expressed interest in purchasing the company and distiller, offering a lot of money. After the family had refused the offer, the distillery ran into a chain of problems: rum shipments went missing, then the distillery itself burned down and the Diaz family was forced to sell it for next to nothing. The changes that the company went through left it nothing like it was in the beginning.

Now, Don Rumbotico is a worldwide brand, and its unfortunate history has been sanitized for public consumption. Basilio Diaz’s kindly, familiar visage on the label is gone, replaced by shiny chrome. The distillery has been rebuilt, but the recipes are different. “You can taste the difference. It’s not the same,” says Alicia.

Don Rumbotico wasn’t the only local business to suffer this way.  The Havana Sea Fort, a historical landmark, has been protected by the Cuban government for centuries. However, it was recently bought by the same company that purchased Don Rumbotico and went through a transformation.

Like the rum distillery, the sea fort, too, is almost unrecognizable. Now, security guards patrol its grounds and unfamiliar helicopters traffic through its airspace, while its doors remain closed to the public for the foreseeable future.

The article ends with a mention of Hurricane Fernand sweeping in from the Atlantic, flooding the Florida coastline and heading south toward the Bahamas.

Communities along the coastline are being evacuated. Hurricane Fernand is expected to cause massive damage, even inland. “It’s not a small storm,” said Governor Oriole Delgado during a press conference yesterday. “Don’t try to wait it out. Take every precaution to ensure your safety and head inland as soon as possible.”

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