Overwatch Developer Update – Torbjörn Rework, Hero Updates & More


The Overwatch team has been hard at work with bringing the outlying heroes back into the line. This year has seen many reworks, such as Hanzo, Mercy, Symmetra and others, and the developers are not done just yet. The next hero up to rework is everyone’s favourite engineer Torbjörn.

The team has released a 10-minutes long video that goes into detail what exactly is going to be changed for Torbjörn and his turret:

  • Armor Packs and the Scrap system have been replaced with a new ability called Overload.
  • Molten Core now fires 10 molten globules that create damage pools where they land
  • Turrets now attack your marked target, can be thrown, and automatically deploys!

Jeff Kaplan has also announced that there will be updates to such heroes as Orisa, Soldier 76, McCree and Pharah in update 1.29. He has also introduced the new, more robust colourblind options.

Jeff has also reminded players that his favourite time, the Halloween, is approaching and Halloween Terror returns with it.

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