Overwatch – Winter Wonderland 2019 Begins Today!

Overwatch - Winter Wonderland 2019 Begins Today!

The developers of Overwatch have taken to Twitter to urge the community back into the game just in time for the seasonal event Winter Wonderland 2019. The event starts today and will last until January 2nd, 2020.

As always, the event is bringing back the skins from the previous years – including Krampus Junkrat, Snowboarder Zarya & Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy – and adds new ones such as Rime Sigma who stubbornly remains barefooted.

If the news of a new event has put you in the Overwatch mood, check out Blizzard’s recent blog post on the history of Mercy and how the character has changed from the original concept art to the Guardian Angel we see in the game nowadays.

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