Overwatch Year One Anniversary Video

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Overwatch – Year One Anniversary.

It has been almost a year since a phenomenon of a team shooter by Blizzard, Overwatch, has exploded the market. The team has released a video for the anniversary in which they’re thanking players as well as taking a look back at their favourite moments.

The company announced Game of the Year edition of Overwatch that will include all pre-order bonuses (such as skins for Overwatch, Mercy wings for Diablo and more). The game will be free to play from May 26th through the 229th.

Blizzard also invites players to join for the first-ever Overwatch Anniversary celebration that will start on May 23rd. You can find out more about the game on the official site.

If you feel like checking out amazing things the Overwatch community has done, you can take a look at Mercy fan-movie “Heroes Never Die“.

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