Pacer Is Finally Getting Off The Grid This September And It Even Has A Battle Royale Mode

Pacer, the antigrav racer from R8 Games and Xsolla, is set to surge off the development grid and onto PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on 17 Septemeber 2020.

The announcement date comes alongside a ton of other details about this upcoming wipeout inspired title and we couldn’t be more excited to jump back into a futuristic racing game. Featuring explosive gameplay, Pacer is an action combat racing game that fans of the Wipeout franchise might take to quite readily. Kicking off in the year 2075, the Pacer World Championship has become the new apex of anti-gravity motorsport. Teams and corporations from around the globe come together to fling high-speed anti-gravity craft around some of the most challenging, and dangerous, obstacles available. A test of speed, skill, and reaction time, Pacer looks and feels like it might be a spiritual successor to the Wipeout series.

We’ve been waiting for the release date of pacer for quite some time now. The game has done the rounds on the convention circuit for a few years after an initial 2016 Kickstarter campaign raised around £80,000 to get the game off the ground. We’ve been quietly enthusiastic about Pacer’s potential and now you can grab a glimpse of what’s to come in the trailer above. You’ll get a range of customizable craft, a dedicated campaign mode, up to 10 players online mode, and an original soundtrack that channels the electronica of the late 90s.

Battle Royale

Once the season is won, pilots will be able to head out and try out a range of other activities. There are 14 different tracks with interchangeable variants available, all of which will likely pop up during a range of different game types. Get in the race and you’ll be able to try out Elimination, Endurance and Pacer’s unique ‘Flowmentum’ and Battle Royale inspired ‘Storm’ modes too.

“PACER is the fastest and most explosive game of its kind and we’re super proud as it prepares for the start line,” said Steve Iles, Senior Producer, PACER. “Whether you’re into single-player campaign play or inviting all your friends for multiplayer mayhem, it’s all here. Or if you’re daring and like a challenge, try our thrilling Battle Royale inspired mode, ‘Storm’.”

If you want to find out more about Pacer, check out the official Pacer website now and get ready to fie everything as you pass the chequered flag on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. In the mean time you might be able to hone your antigrav skills on the Rollcage inspired Grip, which we didn’t crash in much.

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