Padrone Design Introduces EasySMX Ring Mouse

Padrone Design Introduces EasySMX Ring Mouse

Padrone Design introduces a special finger ring that can replace the computer mouse.  It works just like the touchpad on your laptop, but you can use it on any table, on your lap or any surface. It connects via Bluetooth to your computer, so no software installation required—just slide it on and connect!

You can learn more about EasySMX Ring Mouse by visiting the project’s IndieGoGo page.

  • Revolutionary ring designed to replace the mouse
  • It magically follows your index finger and turns any desk into an infinity touchpad
  • Stylish design
  • Redefines limits of rings with integrated cameras and AI
  • Made in Switzerland with exceptional quality
  • It’s great to have this mouse-magic bossing your office desktop.
  • The battery brings you through your entire working day
  • Connect with Bluetooth low energy, no software installation required!
  • It’s definitely a conversational item that will spark many refreshing chats 
  • Many prefer a mouse over the touchpad and the Padrone Ring is the first mouse you never lose
  • Washing hands with the ring is just fine
  • The ring fits your finger perfectly, thanks to 12 sizes you can choose from

There is really no difference in using the touchpad of your laptop and using the ring of Padrone. The video shows that such a ring lets you work exactly like you had an unlimited touchpad on your desk. It works on a desk or on any somewhat hard surface. The ring is worn on the index finger of the left hand or right hand. The wrist stays mostly on the same spot on the table. Most people hold their hand in this position anyway when they are relaxed.

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