Pagan Online to launch Aug 27 with HUGE update

Wargaming and Mad Head Games have announced that Pagan Online will be launching on August 27th with a huge content update. The hack-and-slash RPG has been in early access for several months and developers have been working hard to respond to community feedback. The result if a massive patch that will include new and retooled features.

The launch update will include a number of things including:

  • A full story campaign spread across eight acts. This will come complete with new maps, zones, and new bosses to defeat.
  • Controller support and “click-to-move” controls. These come alongside the already-existing WASD control scheme.
  • Two new playable characters will join the fray.
  • Legendary Weapons will be able to be upgraded to Fabled Weapons. But these come at the cost of defeating some of the game’s toughest battles.
  • “Ultra-rare gear sets that boost stats and provide awesome new looks.”
  • A completely reworked crafting system and loot drop system. This has been done to make “drops more valuable, diverse, and immediately useful”. Recipes will be much rarer and “have a bigger impact”.
  • A retooled skill tree system that lets players unlock abilities and create unique characters fitting their play style. Abilities can be improved and modified over time.
  • New endgame content to provide challenges to even the toughest players.

Pagan Online is currently in Steam early access. Fans wanting to give it a try before launch day can do so for $19.99.

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