Paladins adds Ash today, and a lot more…

She's on fire!

Paladins adds Ash today, along with a host of other updates. Today open beta patch 51 went live for Paladins introducing a brand new front-line champion, Ash. Ash has an aggressive set of abilities that knock opponents back and allow her to assert dominance as a living siege engine leading the charge.

This patch also introduces mastery skins, emotes, poses, and sprays which players can unlock for purchase as they gain mastery levels with each champion. These cosmic skins will make players stand out and let everyone know how skilled they are with their champion of choice.

And just your luck, we’ve got 10 KEYS for Ash, as well as her Hellion head and body skins. Enter the giveaway below, which closes a week from now at 12pm ET on June 9th, 2017.

Good luck!

Paladins (PC) – Ash and Hellion Skin Giveaway

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