Paladins brings Nightfall to the PC Open Beta

Daggers in the moonlight

Today Hi-Rez is dropping Paladins’ Nightfall update onto their ongoing Open Beta denizens for PC.

The Nightfall update introduces another new Champion, Maeve. Maeve’s weapons of choice are a pair of throwing daggers, and her kit specializes in high mobility with some gravity defying acrobatics. Her ultimate ability “Midnight” will be familiar to fans of SMITE.

Other updates in the patch notes include:

  • Chat updates
  • A new special quest
  • Loads of bugs squased
  • Tons of new customizations for multiple heroes

Also in this patch are Valentines themed skin items for Skye and a brand new McDreamy unicorn mount. Yes, I said McDreamy, don’t mock me. I didn’t name it that.

Our thoughts on the Nightfall Update?

It’s always good when a hero-centric game gets a new character like this, and Paladins definitely keeps pumping out the interesting additions. While I still love the Bomb King, there’s something to be said for a dagger-throwing acrobat. She definitely looks fun to play.

Check out the video below and dive into the open beta to test out all the changes – and Maeve! More info is at the official site as well.

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