Paladins – Devs Plans Moving into 2021

The developers from Evil Mojo Games have published a new developer & community update dedicated to the studio’s plans moving into 2021 with Paladins.

Season 3 of Paladins started at the beginning of this year, bringing along new unique Champions and exciting Battle Pass content. As the final months of Season 3 roll in, the developers decided to update the community on what’s coming up for Paladins going into 2021.

Due to COVID-19, the dev cycle has been impacted and changed the entire content schedule as well as the timing for the release of the 4th planned Champion. The final Champion for Season 3 will be releasing in early 2021.

We know this directly impacts players that invested in the Season Pass 2019-2020, and are making sure that everyone who purchased this pass is compensated for this schedule change. Players that own the Season Pass 2019-2020 will be granted 200 Crystals at a later date. Be sure to keep an eye on official Paladins social media channels for updates on when this will roll out to players.

Starting in 2021, we plan to start separating Champion releases from Battle Pass releases, so that you’ll receive a new Paladins update every 6 weeks.


  • Update Show


  • New Flank Champion
  • New Battle Pass
  • Frozen Guard Map Update
  • Shattered Desert Map (Minor Visual Update)
  • Halloween Community Weekend
    • New avatar to unlock by playing
    • XP bonuses


  • New skin for latest Paladins Champion


  • Update Show
  • Holiday Community Event (Similar to last years Year-End Yuletide)
    • Will contain 4 new avatars to unlock by playing
  • XP bonuses
  • New Holiday Skin
  • New Mount

January (2021)

  • New Battle Pass

February (2021)

  • New Season
  • New Champion

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