Paladins Indomitable Update Features a New Hero

Hi-Rez Studios has revealed the next update to Paladins. Called the Indomitable Update, the patch will come complete with a brand new hero named Octavia, The Indomitable. To introduce her to the game community, developers released a cinematic trailer as well as the patch notes that lay out the details of the abilities she brings to the battlefield.

Octavia is a DPS hero with a sturdy health pool of about 2200. Her basic abilities include:

  • Marksman Rifle – She shoots a semi-automatic rifle that deals 500 damage every 0.3 seconds.
  • Designated Sights – Using sights, accuracy is increased but movement speed is decreased by 50%.
  • Commanding Leap – Levitate and get a bird’s eye view of the battlefield.
  • Distortion Field – Octavia hides herself and teammates. Enemies running into the field have movement speed reduced by 10%.
  • (Ultimate) Creeping Barrage – Octavia shoots a laser barrage dealing high damage per beam.

In addition to her basic skills, Octavia can modify each through a variety of talents.

The patch notes also reveal the Battle Pass Update with news about Event Passes:

The Battle Pass will be updated to our new Event Pass format, featuring a single-track reward system and visual overhaul. We wanted to address some of our players major concerns with our new format:

  • Single Rewards track containing items for both Free and Paid Players.
  • 24 Total Levels, with each level containing an impactful unlock
  • 1 skin obtainable by Free Players
  • Total experience required to complete the Battle Pass has been halved.
  • 2-month Event Pass rotation instead of 3-months.
  • Completely NEW Challenge System – Trials of the Realm.

Check out the entire update notes on the Paladins official site.

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