Paladins – New Card System Tutorial

The long-awaited patch 64 has finally come to Paladins and brought many changes to the game, including a new Card System with the removal of the Essence currency and character adjustments. The team has published a video tutorial to bring players up to speed with the changes. Check it out above!

Others changes that came with the patch:

  • New skins for Androxus, Seris, Bomb King, Evie, Fernando, Grover, Jenos, Kinessa, Makoa, Mal’Damba and Willo.
  • New Onslaught map – Magistrate’s Archives.
  • A set of heroes adjustments has been rolled out: Ash’s health reduced from 5300 to 4900, Barik’s turret damage reduced from 150 to 120, Buck’s damage reduced from 800 to 700 and ammo count increased from 4 to 5 and more.

You can find the full list of changes following the links above.

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