Paladins Update Introduces Vatu, The Shadow

Paladins players will have new content and a new hero to check out thanks to the arrival of the Shadows update. Among other things, Hi-Rez Studios has announced that the patch brings a brand new champion into the game, a new Event Pass, and a map update.

Vatu is the new hero that has entered the game. Also known as “The Shadow”, Vatu is an enigmatic Kunai-wielding magic-user. He is a Flank character who specializes in high mobility and damage.

Game Designer Kevin Readen wrote, “Vatu’s gameplay strength is well-emphasized by his strong character identity as your ninja’s ninja. The newest champion combines familiar mechanics in new and fluid ways to create a short-range hit-and-run experience that rewards highly skilled play and punishes mistakes.”

The Beach Bash Event Pass is also now live in the game and it brings tons of summer fun to players including summer-themed Champion skins. In addition, players can earn Crystals and other cosmetic rewards. The Event Pass is a unique twist on the Battle Pass formula seen in other games. According to developers, the Paladins Event Pass is “cheaper, faster to complete and quicker to cycle”.

Eight rotating Limited-Time Modes are available for all players for free. This is part of the developers’ commitment to introducing different ways for players to engage with the game.

Lastly, the Jaguar Falls map has been given a visual upgrade with new lighting and retexturing.

Check out the Paladins official site to learn more of the details.

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