Paladins – Welcome Vatu, the Shadow

Hi-Rez Studios’ developers have taken to the official site to introduce the new Champion arriving in Paladins: Shadows update. Welcome Vatu, the Shadow! His origins are shrouded in the same shadow he uses as a weapon. He is the knife in the night, ending an eternal conflict – he is the untimely death, never confirmed as accidental.

He and the Thousand Hands guild have an understanding: they provide him with work and money, and he takes care of their problems. The only thing clear in his actions are his desire to protect his Ska’Drin people and his deadly capability to do so.

  • [Weapon] Kunai. Launch 3 Kunai in an arc from your hands every 0.9s, dealing 300 damage per kunai. Has a max Ammo count of 5 and is fully effective up to 75 units.
  • [ALT-FIRE] Shadow Bombs. Throw out 3 explosive projectiles that stick to their target and explode after 0.3s. Each explosive deals 10 damage on hit and an additional 200 damage in a radius of 10 units on explosion. Has a range of 150 units before auto-exploding in the air.
  • [Ability 1]  Ambush. Teleport next to your target, dealing 200 damage. This ability can be re-fired a second time within 4s on a different target. Damage hits in a 20-unit radius and is fully effective up to 10 units. Teleport has a range of 85 units.
  • [Ability 2] Dash. Quickly dash 40 units in the direction you are moving, reducing the damage you take by 60% during the dash. Has 3 charges.
  • [Ultimate] Nightfall. Activate to start charging up. Reactivate to dash forward extremely quickly through enemies, dealing 800 damage and stunning enemies hit for 1.25s. Distance increases with charge duration. You are immune to Crowd Control while charging. Minimum charge is 0.5s, maximum charge is 2s, and will automatically fire after 3s. Cannot be canceled.
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