Pandora: Chain Of Chaos Lifts The Lid On Early Access

Indie Studio Party Llama Games, has unveiled a brand new IP coming to Early Access on 30 July 2020.

Unveiled last night by the team behind this new adventure, Pandora: Chains of Choas is due to arrive in Early Access for PC on 30 July, before a planned full launch on PC and Xbox One later this year. This new tale presents players with an action adventure with a mythical twist as gamers take the role of protagonist Pandora. After opening a box that contains a whole plethora of evils we now find a world under threat from forces that could cause untold damage.

Unleash Adventure

While Pandora finds that her own curiosity and guilt is quickly overshadowed by the imminent threat of the powers that are now free in this in game world. From here players must face off against demons and monsters, staring down challenges with the aid of a powerful umbrella. A range of magic umbrellas are available to wield, each with its own unique ability, harnessing the power of each of the 12 Olympians, including Zeus himself. While you might expect a titanic struggle of the gods to be something a little dark, Pandora: Chain of Chaos is a little bit brighter than the stories of old Greek deities.

The real time combat and powerful augments available for players to wield are all set to a rather upbeat tone. Inspired by the Mediterranean coast of Greece mixed with a fantasy element, Pandora paints her spectacular world with a mixture of vibrant colours, compelling characters, mythical creatures, and beautiful environments.

We love great looking new indie titles and this one looks like it’s worth watching, and for a buy on of $4.99 why not? If you’re interested in something a little different and somewhat more inspiring than the normal mix of looter shooter, arena battle then you could do a lot worse than checking out the trailer for Pandora: Chains of Chaos and heading over to the official website to find out more about this interesting looing new RPG.


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