Paper Beast Comes To PSVR This Month

Paper Beat, a brand new VR adventure that dives into a very different kind of online will arrive on the Sony PSVR on 24 March.

Indie developer Pixel reef has just announced the release date for this outlandish adventure and the new trailer looks like something out of a dream. Focusing on exploration, this odyssey pulls players into a mystical wilderness and a desert built of lost internet data. The brainchild of Eric Chahi, the same talent behind Another World, From Dust, Paper Beast allows players to step foot in a world where delicate bonds are formed between exotic creatures and the player in order to unravel the mysteries of Paper Beast.

Incredible Beasts

Coming first to the Playstation VR platform, this console bound experience was built from the ground up using trial and error techniques and the effort shows. The trailer gives a glimpse of the vast sandbox world where players can explore and meet some of the eerie creatures that inhabit this land. As the very first person to step foot in this realm, players will find themselves able to interact with the local wildlife, forming bonds that will shape the environment and solving puzzles that lie in their way. Experimentation is key in Paper Beast, and the sandbox nature of this title means that players are unlikely to find the same experience awaits every adventurer.

Coupling an enthralling aesthetic with an atmospheric soundtrack, titled between ambient and punk rock, Paper Beast creates the type of experience that you might imagine Journey would become when blown out into three dimensions. Suffice to say paper Beast is a difficult one to describe and I really hope we see announcements that bring it off the PSVR to other VR devices like the new Vive headsets. For now, anybody looking to explore this new world can head over to the official website, check out the trailer above, or go grab the game on the Playstation Store when it arrives on 24 March.


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