Paper Mario: The Origami King Coming to Switch

Paper Mario: The Origami King

Fans of the Paper Mario series of games will be thrilled to hear that Paper Mario: The Origami King is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 17th. The game’s events take place around an invitation from Princess Peach to Mario and Luigi in hopes they will attend the kingdom’s origami festival. This is the first time the series has been developed exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

During the events of the game, King Olly has set a devious plot in motion that “endangers everything Mario holds dear” and it is up to him to determine what’s happening and how to solve the problem. He needs to be a….cut above the rest.

“Luckily, Mario is equipped with a range of new tools at his disposal to help secure victory. One of Mario’s new abilities, called 1000-Fold Arms, allows you to interact with the landscape by stretching out and pulling, peeling, and revealing new locations, helping you to solve puzzles and uncover unexpected surprises. Along the way, you’ll enlist the help of characters old and new, such as King Olly’s good-natured sister, Olivia, along with a range of unlikely allies, including Bowser himself! If they haven’t yet folded to the whims of King Olly’s origami will, Mario will accept all the help he can find with open arms!”

Fans can preorder the game for $59.99 from the Nintendo eShop or by visiting their favorite retail or digital games site.

Check out the Paper Mario: The Origami King official site to learn more.

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