Papetura Unfolds a New Trailer

Indie developer Peturns has just dropped a brand new trailer for the gorgeous looking origami adventure, Papertura.

Papetura is a wonderful looking point and click adventure due out on PC in late 2019. After years of development, the latest trailer is a sample of what we can expect from the fully finished product and Papetura looks like it’s going on my wishlist. This atmospheric experience takes place in a world made of paper. It sends players on an epic journey with protagonists Pape and Tura as they set out to save their home from dark and dangerous monsters that threaten to burn down their world.

What makes Papetura so intriguing is the effort that went into making this world and its inhabitants. The entire game is handcrafted, from level design to actual paper models. You can check out some of the techniques used to make the flower prison over on the official youtube channel.

Developer Tomasz Ostafin describes this process as being

“inspired by architecture, macro-worlds and handcrafted games such as The Neverhood, I’m trying to make something unique and believable, solely out of paper and light surrounding it.”

Accompanying the intricate mix of visuals and lighting is a soundtrack from composer Floex. With the addition of this backing, Papetura looks like an origami Machinarium with even the odd touch of Ghibli mixed in. If you are looking for a different point and click adventure, check out the trailer for Papetura above and find out more on the game’s official Steam page.


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