Paradox is ready to gamble on your soul in Crusader Kings 2 Monks and Mystics

Crusader Kings 2 Monks and Mystics is sending a call out for players to serve. In a superstitious world ruled by the believe in afterlife, wise men choose to prepare for it while they still have time. Generally speaking, it comes down to being a good person. Which would mean protecting the faith from heretics, building new churches and well as doing good deeds.

However, what if there is more to it? What if faith could open the veil over secrets of the Universe? Are you ready to find out? The price of failure would just be your soul.

Crusader Kings 2 Monks and Mystics is up for the challenge

Monks and Mystics is the latest expansion to Paradox’s Crusader Kings 2. Players will have a change to join religious cults and societies. However, there is a wide variety of them: from traditional virtues to those only available to alchemists and astrologists.

You can even join underground religious cults to weaken the church or pray to elemental forces of darkness to unlock new and terrible powers.

The expansion will also offer such features as Monastic Orders, Secret Societies such as Assassin guild, Relics and Treasures to find and craft as well as new Councilor Commands.

You can learn more and start the gamble on the official Steam portal page. Paradox is also offering Hymns of Revelation music pack to get players in the right mood.

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