Paradox Interactive Highlights Creators on Cities: Skylines YouTube Channel

Meet the architects.

For nearly four years, people have been creating and sharing their metropolitan masterpieces through Cities: Skylines. To celebrate and showcase this creativity, Paradox Interactive has released the first video in a series featuring the creators.

Check out Episode 1:

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Born an American to a German mother, Jason Ditmars shares his love for the city of Berlin. As a Master of Fine Arts, Ditmars has used his attention to create a 1:1 replica within Cities: Skylines. As a part of this process, he has also created and shared assets for other players to use as well. 

“I marvel at the idea that this thing that I made, it’s around the world. It’s being uses (and) interacted with by these gamers. The idea of the workshop – of sharing buildings between asset creators and gamers that use them fascinates me! We are making this thing. All of us. Together.” 

This video is the first of many. The official Cities: Skylines YouTube channel will be features a series of twelve videos in this series.

Let us know what you think about this project in the comments below. 

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