Pascal’s Wager Arrives On Android

Pascal’s Wager, the souls-esque mobile adventure form developer TipsWorks and publisher Giant Games, is now available on Android.

After initially launching on Apple’s iOS platform earlier this year, Pascal’s Wager is now ready to test the mettle of Android owners as it hits the on the go platform. Available now on the Android Play Store, Pascal’s Wager brings all the iOS version content including a recently released Dark Mist DLC. Even better, it kicks off this new adventure at a discounted price of just $3.99, or local equivalent, for a limited time.

For those of you more familiar with the philosophy of Pascal’s Wager than the video game, you might need to reassess what to expect when you jump in. Pascal’s Wager pits players against a Souls like challenge, betting their own sanity against levels full of random encounters and terrifyingly brutal hack and slash encounters. As things progress you’ll find plenty of challenge, and every one of them can eat through most of a health bar. There is some help, however. Players venturing into this maddening world will find companions on this path, changing up combat for Souls style veterans. Where Pascal’s Wager equally excels is its production quality. Looking like something you might expect to find on a console, this title comes packed with large sprawling multi-laned maps, gorgeous animation, and detailed character design that will draw you into an invitingly bloody set of battles.

Check out the trailer at the top of this news post for the Android launch of Pascal’s Wager or head over to our review of Pascal’s Wager before jumping over to the Google Play Store to check out the new release now and pick it up at a discount. If you have an iPhone and want to give this one a go then the base game and DLC are available over at the Apple App Store now.

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