Pascal’s Wager Unwraps New Boss Rush Mode

Pascal’s Wager, the gorgeous looking Souls style mobile RPG, just got a little bigger today with a new Boss Rush mode and a winter update.

We might not be quite there yet, but if the idea of mistletoe fills you with dread then time to escape back into the world of Pascal’s Wager. The mobile only souls style encounter just got a winter update that adds plenty of new playtime to this amazing looking small screen adventure. Giant Network has confirmed that a new winter update is now in game, which includes a new Boss Rush mode, as well as some cosmetic additions.

The Boss Rush mode is exactly what you’d expect from a tough boss based battler. Expect to take on the gruelling battles that make soulslike titles so entertaining without any mercy being shown. This new bit of content, called the Obsession Challenge, also puts players up against an army of menacing bosses with their final run placed on a leaderboard against other players from around the world. Two new outfits are also included in the winter update, meaning you can look plenty fancy for your at home festivities. The Initiation Rite and Sleeping Beauty garbs are both shown below and are accompanied by a ton of other features, balance changes, and bug fixes for this unrelentingly fun festive cracker.

I might not be able to convince you that Pascal’s Wager is a cheery jaunt in the snow but it is going on sale very soon now across the Apple App Store, Google Play, TapTap, or Huawei App Gallery. You can Pascal’s Wager and get into the new Boss Rush mode for $4.99 or local equivalent between 25 December and 10 January 2021. Find out more about Pascal’s Wager over on the official website or check out our review here at Gamespace.

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