Patch 1.05 Contents & The Journey Ahead For The Next 2 Months Detailed

Mass Effect Andromeda - The Journey Ahead

As promised earlier, Bioware had updated its Mass Effect Andromeda site with a new blog post named “The Journey Ahead”. The game released 2 weeks ago. Ever since then, Bioware development team has been hard at work collecting user feedback as well as poring over comments.

Mass Effect Andromeda – The Journey Ahead

The blog post in question has detailed information over the contents of Patch 1.05 that will come out on April 6th. Players can expect to be able to skip travelling between planets on the galaxy map. In addition to that, the developers will also work on appearance of human and asari eyes, improve lip sync and more. Additionally, there will be improvements to multiplayer component of the game.

The blog post also makes a mention of more long-term plans for the team. Over the next 2 months the developers plan on introducing more options in character creator, improvements to hair and appearance of characters, cinematic scenes as well as animations.

There will also be adjustments to romances of Scott Ryder as well as conversations with Hainly Abrams.

You can find the full list of changes on the Bioware blog.

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