Path of Exile Announced Controller Support Beta

Path of Exile Announced Controller Support Beta

Grinding Gear Games, the developers of action RPG Path of Exile, have taken to Steam and revealed the controller support beta. With the game having been launched on Xbox and PlayStation a few years ago, the team has been keen to bring the controller support to the PC version.

With patch 3.17.3 those plans become a reality, as the update introduces the beta version of controller support system. To access this feature, connect a game controller to your PC, launch Path of Exile and go to the Input Options panel. Change the Input Method option to “Gamepad (Beta)”. It should take effect without you having to relaunch Path of Exile.

This option is unavailable on Epic and macOS clients.

“This controller support feature will stay in Beta until the launch of the 3.18 expansion, and there may be issues in the meantime. Please report any bugs related to the controller support in the Bug Reports forum. Also, if you have a Steam Deck console, please test out Path of Exile after 3.17.3 has been released and let us know how well it works!”

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