Path of Exile – Expansion Delayed Until January

Path of Exile - Expansion Delayed Until January

The developers of aRPG Path of Exile have planned to release the end-game expansion on December 11th, confident that the team would be able to hit the date with a high-quality product. Following the news of CD Projekt RED delaying Cyberpunk 2077 till December 10th, the team made a decision to step out of the way and move the release of Path of Exile 3.13 until January.

It prevents players from being in a position of having to choose between playing the two games.

The team still expects to finish 3.13 by early/mid-December. The scope of the expansion remains unchanged.

So that you still have some interesting Path of Exile stuff to play over the Christmas/New Year break, we’re planning to run at least one multi-week event (for example, Flashback). We’ll confirm details of these event(s) once we have put together a plan.

While this delay will hopefully not affect our development schedule, it will probably cause our release schedule to change a little bit during 2021. We’ll post details about this as soon as we have more information about these dates and when we’ll be announcing 3.13.

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