Path of Exile Players Prepping for Heist Expansion

Grinding Gear Games has announced that the next expansion for Path of Exile will be landing for PC on September 18th. The official site features a spiffy countdown clock that keeps players precisely informed when the Heist expansion will drop. The console expansion will launch several days after the PC version arrives.

As with every PoE expansion, Heist brings with it a host of new features and rewards. These include:

  • hiring 13 Rogue NPCs to assist in pulling off risky heists
  • training your crew with the aim of getting to the Grand Heist
  • the new Heist Challenge League
  • 9 new skills and Support Gems
  • Curses, Steel Skills, and some Spells being retooled
  • new rewards such as Weapon and Body Armor Enchantments, Heist Trinkets, Alt-quality Gems, and Replica Unique Items

Check out the Heist launch trailer and then head to the Path of Exile official site to learn more.

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