Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Crosses $1M Pledged & Publishes FAQ

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous - New Kickstarter Stretch Goals Announced

It has been a week since Owlcat Games launched the Kickstarter campaign for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, the indirect sequel to the studio’s previous title Kingmaker. Over this short period of time, the game managed to gather over one million dollars (with the stated goal being $300k) in funding. The developers have been teasing the community with stretch goals that include:

  • New Class – Warpriest, a hybrid of a spell caster and a warrior, wearing heavy armor and fighting on the front lines. Funded.
  • New Companion – Woljif Jefto. Funded.
  • Mounted Combat + new Cavalier Class. Funded.
  • Dismemberment. Funded.
  • + 2 Mythic Paths – Gold Dragon & Swarm That Walks. Funded.
  • One new race out of three – Kitsune, Catfolk or Ratfolk, decided by the poll after the Kickstarter Campaign ends. Funded.
  • Evolving Animal Companion system. Funded.
  • New Class – Skald. Funded.
  • Themed Performed by Symphony Orchestra. In process.

In addition to the funding goals, the team also brought a list of social goals. You can find it below:

If you wish to support the game,  consider backing Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous or visit the team’s social media: YoutubeInstagramTwitterDiscordFacebook & Twitch.

Additionally, the team of developers from Owlcat Games published the FAQ for Wrath of the Righteous. You can find the list of the questions below or proceed to Kickstarter:

  • Which platforms will WotR be available on? Steam & GOG. More might be added later.
  • Can I pay with PayPal? PayPal will be available on the backer portal after the KS campaign ends.
  • When will I receive my PF:KM key from the bundle? After the KS campaign ends, you will be able to get your key on the backer portal.
  • Does the Kingmaker bundle include all the Kingmaker DLC? No, it doesn’t include DLC. It is the Enhanced Edition of the game.
  • What does printed manual mean? This will be a small booklet containing information about the main lore of the game.
  • What do I need to do to get something from the Add Ons section? Add the price of the Add On you wish to receive to your pledge amount. When our funding campaign ends, you will be able to pick all the Add Ons you are eligible for from our backer portal.
  • Do I need to buy alpha and beta access separately? Yes, the beta access reward doesn’t include alpha access.
  • Do you have plans for DLC or a Season Pass? We are currently very focused on making the main game the best it can be, so we haven’t really been thinking about DLC for it yet. However, you never know what the future holds, so stay tuned for updates.

Update: the team shared an extremely sped-up video of the texturing process for character models in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. It took the artist around 52 hours of work to finish this texture! And you are able to watch the whole process in just 6 minutes.

Our character creation pipeline is quite uncommon for modern video games and involves a little bit of modeling and lots of painting. We loved how Kingmaker’s visual style turned out, with every texture made individually, by an artist’s hand. And despite upgrading our lighting model, we decided to keep the same approach to texturing in PF: WotR. We wanted to find a way to make our textures look handmade and painted in a modern lighting environment.

So this is what we came up with. We start by creating very simple models of body and armor parts (which, by the way, usually share the same UV layout for similar parts) in Maya and bake some extremely low-detail normal maps. The only purpose of these normal maps is to get rid of the hard edges on the model and replace them with some nice, smooth bevels.

When this part of the job is done, we pass the models and normal maps to the texture artists and let them go nuts with the models in 3DCoat. In the final result, 95% of normal map detail is painted by hand, with diffuse and roughness being 100% hand-painted. This part of the process is shown in our video. You can see how the hand-painted look is preserved on a normal-mapped model.

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