Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – How to Romance Queen Galfrey

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - How to Romance Queen Galfrey

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is the latest creation of Owlcat Games and an indirect sequel to the studio’s previous work, Pathfinder: Kingmaker. The game gained quite the interest and support of the community during the active period of its Kickstarter campaign. In addition to standard stretch goals for extra funding, the team also tasked the players with fulfilling certain social goals – following the company on Instagram, subscribing to the Youtube channel, etc.

The last among those social achievements was the addition of an extra romance option to Wrath of the Righteous, featuring none other than Queen Galfrey herself. Galfrey is the long-lived sovereign of Mendev whose youth has been prolonged by the Sun Orchid elixirs acquired by the church of her patron goddess, Iomedae. As Owlcats pointed out, she led the Four Crusades against the forces of Abyss, cheered for the victories of her people, mourned their losses and outlived most of her friends.

Both male and female Commanders have a chance at winning the royal heart. Unlike other romance options such as Arueshalae and Daeran, Queen Galfrey is not a party member. And, being a non-companion, interactions with her are fairly limited and spread far apart over the course of the game compared to the more present NPCs that have a chance to tag along with the Commander.

Between that status, her biography and the general disposition as a Lawful Good Paladin Queen, don’t expect a quick fiery romance with an immediate pay-off. While not as drawn out as the relationship between fallen nymph Nyrissa and the ruler of the Stolen Lands in the secret ending of Pathfinder: Kingmaker, it is nevertheless a story about duty vs courtly love. And, as long as the Worldwould exists, duty dictates where it goes.

Beware, ALL the spoilers ahead! Proceed with the Queen Galfrey romance guide at your own risk!


ACT I – Battle for Kenabres

With the Queen ruling over Mendev from the capital city of Nerosyan and the game starting with Demon Lord Deskari crushing a party in Kenabres, it will be a while before you get to interact with Galfrey yourself. However, there will be plenty of characters mentioning the Queen’s name before her entrance!

Simply progress through the Burning City, recruit your available companions, unlock a variety of Mythic Paths and try to get enough materials to complete the errand “Restoring a Broken Gold Buckle” that will give you the Covenant of the Inheritor item.

For that, you require a Shard of Holy Symbol located in the burning house on the Market Square of Kenabres and 5 Magic Essences to give to Storyteller. There is a total of six of them in Kenabres, some require to pass high Perception checks while others are more obvious:

  • Estrod Tower
  • Horgus Gwerm’s Mansion
  • Blackwing Library
  • Grey Garrison x3

Check out the No-Nonsense Guides Youtube channel for a variety of guides for quests and puzzles in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. They even have a short video with the precise locations of the Magic Essences!

Once you are done exploring the city and finishing up side-quests, commence the attack on Grey Garrison, deal with Minagho and decide the fate of the Wardstone of Kenabres.

During the celebration of your victory in the Defender’s Heart, you will get to meet Galfrey face-to-face for the first time. In general, the Queen seems to favor more serious Good or Lawful responses with a touch of sarcasm and mischief here and there, when the situation seems lighthearted enough – like approving of her setting Daeran up to be your advisor. Do outright flirt with the woman a few times though to show that you are interested!

Defender's Heart

ACT II – Siege of Drezen

Your actions during the battle for Kenabres see you become the Knight Commander of the Fifth Crusade, officiated by the Queen herself. Your first task: taking back the citadel of Drezen and recovering the Sword of Valor, an artifact that has the power to prevent demons from using teleportation.

If you collected enough Magic Essences for the restoration of the belt buckle, you can find the Storyteller in the camp and ask him to repair the relic.

Inviting Queen Galfrey to join the Crusade

Act II has a number of interactions between the Commander and Queen Galfrey, provided you invite her to join you on the march for the lost fortress. To do that, you need to talk to the Queen in the Commander’s Tent in the camp, and ask her what she is going to do next.

After snarking about the Commander’s lack of subordination, the Queen will reveal that she intends to return to Nerosyan to oversee the future of the Fifth Crusade. Here you can use either Angel or Aeon Mythic Path dialogue choice to convince her to join the force advancing towards Drezen.

Inviting Queen Galfrey to join the CrusadeRestoring the Covenant of the Inheritor (Optional)

Having restored the Covenant of the Inheritor, you can show the relic to the Queen. Even if you decide to keep the belt buckle, you can still learn more about Galfrey’s past by asking her questions related to the armor piece.

It does not seem that restoring the relic and giving it to Galfrey is required for a successful romance. However, in case there is some kind of hidden reputation counter (like it was with Nyrissa in Pathfinder: Kingmaker), it is worth handing the relic over to its previous owner. It gives you a tiny bit of experience and the Queen’s gratitude.

If you didn’t find enough Magic Essences during your stay in Kenabres, worry not. You will get an opportunity to restore the relic and give it to the Queen/keep it for yourself in Act III when you cross paths with the Storyteller again.

Covenant of the InheritorCovenant of the Inheritor

The Queen Incognito

After agreeing to march towards Drezen with the Commander’s army, the Queen reveals that she will be pretending to be a knight from a lesser order to keep her identity hidden. When you leave the camp and come back (you can even click on the Leave Area symbol that lets you assemble your party and immediately cancel it with the same effect), you will run into a royal messenger by the Commander’s tent.

He will announce that the Queen arrived in the camp incognito. Talking to her at this point provides you with more dialogue options – and chances to flirt!

The Queen Incognito

Storybook sequences

For a while, there are no new interactions to be had as you make your way towards Drezen. However, the game reminds you of the presence of the Queen among the ranks of your army during the storybook sequences you run into.

It is unknown how it affects the reputation, but chances are some hidden counter records how admirably your character shows themselves during these events.

Leper’s Smile

Your next chance to make a favorable impression (or screw things up) comes as you traverse the treacherous bug-infested location known as the Leper’s Smile. It is a combination of storybook sequence options you choose with the actual gameplay choices you make as you scour the location of the Vescavors.

First, you get to choose which NPC or companion will lead the bait team into the battle to give the Commander a chance at swiftly reaching and dispatching the Vescavor Queen. I have chosen Sosiel to lead the squad and had him hold position and fight for the lives of the soldiers.

Meanwhile, your character and their chosen party members will have to rush through the location and kill the queen bug to disperse the swarm. For the best possible result, DO NOT LOOT ANYTHING until after you are done with the Vescavor queen.

Afterward, you can hoover up everything that isn’t nailed down. And maybe the nails, too, while you are at it. You also might want to hop into the cave next to the queen’s body to pick up items needed for the Lich and Gold Dragon Mythic Paths. Even if you don’t intend to follow them, it’s still extra experience and loot!

Strike from the Sky

Just as your little Crusade seems to be progressing at a nice pace towards Drezen, a flock of gargoyles led by a named Nabasu demon will descend upon your camp in the middle of the night. They will whisk away half of your party as well as a number of NPCs – including one certain female knight from a lesser order that kept her distance from everyone. Whoops.

Clear your camp of the attackers, gather your forces and advance towards the Lost Chapel. Fight your way up the mountain, rescuing NPCs and companions alike.

As you enter the Chapel itself, you will see a group of ghouls tormenting imprisoned crusaders, trying to turn them away from Iomedae. This is where Queen Galfrey will make her appearance. In the following dialogue, the Queen will explain that she allowed herself to be captured hoping to help whomever she could once the gargoyles landed. Galfrey will then ask Commander if they were worried – I went for the “yes, of course” option which seemed to please the ruler of Mendev.

The chosen paladin of Iomedae will then round up the survivors and lead them to Anevia. Finish up exploring the Lost Chapel (drop by Zacharius to say hi if you have his wand), receive your new Mythic feat, chat with Arueshalae and be prepared. Drezen awaits!

Strike from the Sky / Lost Chapel

Taking over Drezen

There isn’t much to say about the actual combat for Drezen in the context of the guide: you arrive, besiege the city, spend a lot of time in gruesome combat, loot triple the party weight in various pieces of gear and consumables, recover the Sword of Valor and claim your destiny.

This is the point where you commit to a Mythic Path. There have been multiple instances of people reporting successful ending to the romance as Azata or Trickster after swapping Legend or Gold Dragon later in the game. So it seems the requirement is not to be Evil or Chaotic (which is still most of the Mythic Paths) at a certain point in Act V.

I have chosen the Angel Mythic Path, so everything down below will be coming from its perspective. If you have anything to add from the Aeon point of view, let me know in the comments below!

PF: WotR - Angel Mythic Path

ACT III – Crusade Begins

With the siege of Drezen done and the city back in the hands of the followers of Iomedae, the Fifth Crusade can begin in earnest. You get your expanded Crusade management – in addition to leading the army, you can also start building up your infrastructure and issue decrees, tackle problems, solve events, restore a variety of relics and more.

Queen’s Gratitude

If you manage to take over Drezen efficiently, with few losses and morale in the green, the Queen will commend your dedication to the Crusade – and offer a personal gift (and grant you achievement Queen’s Gratitude).

Despite roleplaying a rather serious Lawful character, I chose flirting option in the dialogue below to tease her about the ring. It comes up in a much later conversation in the game so it was worth it!

After this point, the Queen returns to Nerosyan to attend to her royal duties, leaving the day-to-day Crusading in the (hopefully) capable hands of the Commander. It will be quite some time before you hear from her again.

PF: WotR - Queen's Gratitude

Daeran’s relationship with the Queen

There are a few interesting interactions with Daeran when it comes to his royal cousin, starting with her appointing the Count the advisor of the Commander. The events later allow you to explore his side of the relationship – sadly, the game doesn’t let you comment on it… much, as technically you are not locked into the romance with the Queen just yet and won’t be for the foreseeable future.

However, it was still kind of an amusingly mortifying experience from the standpoint of a Commander smitten with the monarch of Mendev that Daeran apparently had (or has) hots for.

Lexicon of Paradox (Optional)

During your adventures in Areelu’s Laboratory, you will come across the first part of the Lexicon of Paradox, the Architect’s notes on the Worldwound, demons, and more.

Pocket it for later, to give to Galfrey at the end of Act III. If you are worried about making the swap to Legend down the line, picking the book and receiving the buff from it does not prevent you from traveling that path, but it will make it harder.

The Queen will return this half of the book to you at a later point, so you can still assemble the full Lexicon of Paradox.

PF: WotR - Lexicon of Paradox

On the Cusp of the Abyss

Know Thy Enemy is a quest in Act III that has the Commander investigate the origins of the demons with strange power, like the one that led the pack of gargoyles in Strike From the Sky. It takes place in the Ivory Sanctum and leads to the final quest of the chapter, On the Cusp of the Abyss.

You want to wait for Queen Galfrey to arrive to assist with the attack on Midnight Fane, a rift into the Abyss located deep underneath Drezen. It takes her about a month to come to the city with her army – simply continue adventuring, completing time-sensitive tasks and doing your Crusade-related duties until the quest notifies you of her arrival. She will be waiting for you in the Citadel.

If you are on the right path, after you are done discussing the Fane and the upcoming attack, the Queen will ask to talk to the Commander alone before the assault. Agree to accompany her and listen to what the character has to say.

PF: WotR - Cusp of the AbyssPF: WotR - Cusp of the Abyss

Midnight Fane

Inside the Midnight Fane, the forces of the Crusade will split into two groups. The Hand of the Inheritor and Galfrey will remain in a defensive position to draw the demons’ attention to themselves while the Commander and their party explore the dungeon.

The Paladin will also mention that powerful demons are likely to attack her and the group, and when that happens they will sound a horn, hoping for the Commander’s help – make sure to assist them, it will happen twice through your adventures in the Fane.

Once you are done with the boss of the dungeon, the Queen will hold a review of your character’s conduct as the Knight Commander of the Fifth Crusade, meticulously going through your decisions and choice of friends. She then will announce that she is stripping the protagonist of the rank.

You can talk Galfrey into letting your character keep the position of the Commander by using dialogue options 2 or 3, but the outcome of the quest is the same: your party is venturing into the Abyss with the Hand of the Inheritor while the Queen remains on Golarion to lead the armies of the Fifth Crusade.

Midnight Fane

ACT IV – Into the Abyss

With the Commander (the ex-Commander?) traveling into the Abyss, there will be no opportunities to directly interact with Galfrey in Act IV. Through the conversations with various NPCs that chose to accompany you, you will start noticing that not all is well with the Queen. Those close to her note that the ruler of Mendev has been acting unusually harsh and is seemingly broken by her long tenure as the leader of the Crusades.

Continue following the quests until you run into the one and only Storyteller. The elven mage will mention that not everyone in Drezen is happy with the Queen’s decision to send the Commander into the Abyss, there are even whispers that Galfrey is envious of the Commander’s glory and powers and acted to get rid of them. While your character traverses the Midnight Isles, the Queen is actively preparing forces to advance into the heart of the Worldwound.

You can ask the Storyteller to check on how the Queen is doing for you, and receive a response with a small token a few quests down the line. As far as Act IV is concerned, this is all the interaction you get. The joys of trying to consistently interact with a non-companion NPC, huh?

ACT V – Endgame

With your exciting vacation in the Abyss coming to an end, it is time to return to Golarion and start fulfilling the duties of the Knight Commander of the Fifth Crusade once more. Armed with new knowledge, tremendous power and (perhaps) some unusual allies, the Commander ventures back into the Midnight Fane and finds their way to the material plane.

Returning to Golarion

Throughout your adventures in Act IV, a variety of NPCs made small remarks about how the time moves differently in the Abyss – but completely disappearing out of existence for six months was not a part of the plan! Upon return, the Commander finds Drezen in a very different state from the one they left it in. The city is on fire and is being besieged by demons, with the brave defenders pushed into the Temple’s catacombs for their base of operations.

As it turns out, with no word from the Mythic party and the Hand of the Inheritor for half a year, everyone thought that the group that was tasked with going into the Abyss had perished. With the belief that no reinforcements are coming and the mission might have been failed, Queen Galfrey gathered the armies of the Crusade for a desperate push against the Worldwould.

The Paladin was unwilling to submit to another drawn-out agony of incremental losses for 70 years of being pushed into a defensive position against an overwhelming enemy force. Especially considering that this time it could be demons empowered with the Nahyndrian Crystals if the hero truly perished in the Abyss and did not stop the production of these mythical items beforehand.

In doing so, the fair Queen repeated Staunton Vhane’s Drezen party trick that is to die for, namely, took the Sword of Valor out of the city, opening it up to demon teleportation. Admittedly, Galfrey did evacuate the city first, leaving the volunteers to guard the Wardstone, and got far deeper into the enemy territory than the Dwarf commander did.

But Drezen is still under constant attacks, and you will have to rebuild your armies from scratch (nooo, my Marksmen!!!). At least your Generals stick with you and you can spend millions gained in the Abyss to acquire the Crusade currencies and quickly bolster your army with new recruits.

Act V, Drezen - Anevia

Galfrey’s Farewell Letter

If there is one person that is completely unsurprised by the arrival of the Commander, it is the Storyteller who had complete trust in your character’s abilities… and a prophetic vision of the Mythic hero’s return to Golarion. This wingman of the faithful took it upon himself to go through the Queen’s things in order to track her whereabouts for you.

While doing so, he managed to find a hidden farewell letter addressed to the Commander and written right before the armies of the Crusade set out for the fallen city of Iz. After the initial battle for Drezen is over, you can also ask the Storyteller to tell you what the Queen was feeling while writing it.

The Storyteller does not judge if you decide to pry. After all, everything is fair in love and war!

Do pry, really, it’s important.

Act V, Drezen - Galfrey's Farewell Letter

The battle of Iz

Galfrey, Irabeth, unnamed arcanist specialists of Mendev and others believe that the key to closing the Worldwound could be found around the place it originated from. Since the initial fall of Drezen orchestrated by Minagho, the Crusaders did not manage to push quite that far into the enemy territory – letting this opportunity slip by would have been an unforgivable mistake as far as most characters seem to be concerned. Armed with the knowledge from the Lexicon of Paradox (or working on a hunch otherwise), the Queen took her armies to the fallen Sarkoris city, Iz, in search of this knowledge.

So this is where you catch up with the armies of the Crusade and have the long-awaited meeting with the Paladin of Iomedae. Depending on your previous choices in the game, the events of the battle of Iz could go very, very different from my own. My playthrough had the following circumstances: Prelate Hulrun is alive and zealously guarding the Sword of Valor, the Commander gave Galfrey the first half of the Lexicon of Paradox (that she returns in Iz) and talked the Queen into letting her keep the title. That combination of choices seems to grant the best possible result.

During the chat with the Queen, the Commander has an option to ask about the real reasons behind the expedition into the Abyss and the unfair way Galfrey went about it. The Paladin then confirms the words of various NPCs: she was indeed jealous of the Mythic hero’s powers and afraid of what they meant for her, the Crusade’s figurehead and symbol.

You can also subtly troll the monarch of Mendev about her farewell letter and the knowledge shared with you by the shameless Storyteller. The further chatting will have to wait until the characters find themselves in safer surroundings: demon-infested ruins on the edge of the Worldwound are not the best place to be exchanging quips or talking about feelings.

Act V, Iz - Queen Galfrey Romance Act V, Iz - Queen Galfrey Romance

Mechanically, the following sequence seems to be the place where the game either confirms or breaks off the romance with the fair queen. At this point, you should have enough “reputation” with the character by inviting Galfrey to join the Crusade, choosing the correct dialogue options in the available conversations, showing yourself a capable Commander, etc. Additionally, you must be either Angel, Aeon, Gold Dragon or Legend. Starting out as Azata or Trickster and swapping into the late-game Mythic Path also works, according to various reports from players on Steam and Reddit. 

You may also want to make sure you do not have an ongoing romance with another character, some of them can decide if they are in a relationship with the Commander all on their own – looking at you, Lann. 

The Aftermath

After the battle of Iz is over, the united armies of the Fifth Crusade fall back to Drezen to begin the preparations for the final assault against the heart of the Worldwound. This is a little moment of peace and respite before the end of the world. Also, your chance to finish off side quests, researches, decrees, companion-related tasks and more before the point of no return.

If you were just about to despair that it has been a hundred+ hours, the endgame is upon us and the two dumbasses, one mythic and one royal, did not even hold hands yet, worry not. There will be some hand-holding going on here if you can talk the queen into drinking with your character in a tavern. Choose the lighthearted option about mixing business and pleasure to get the conversation going – and enjoy the characters actually interacting and talking about feelings for once!

PF WOTRAt the very least, until the cold reality of the bloody war against the endless forces of the Abyss catches up, and Galfrey remembers her first love – Duty. The Queen then harshly informs the Commander that there is nothing between the two of them, and leaves to attend to her royal responsibilities.

Heartbroken, the Commander yeets themselves into the Worldwound, closing the rift in the process.

The end.

While the scene might feel like a dismissal, cold break-up or even failing to lock into the romance, worry not. The world is not ending just yet! The Queen has been informed of the Commander’s feelings and forced to acknowledge her own. With the ball squarely in her court, now it’s up to Galfrey where it all goes.

Meanwhile, the Fifth Crusade is going to the Threshold fortress, the heart of the Worldwound.

PF WotR - How to Romance Queen Galfrey DutyACT VI – The Final Threshold

This is it, the true endgame. Prepare your armies and companions, top-up on scrolls, potions, wands and other consumables, rest and get ready for the gruesome combat sequence that will make you remember the House at the Edge of Time fondly.

The assault on Threshold fortress is Dragon Age: Origins’ battle for Denerim (complete with controlling two parties of characters!) but drawn out over a few hours and filled with trash whose stats can rival those of gods, demon lords and other chosen deities. Sometimes even put together. It will test you physically, intellectually and mentally much like Nenio’s personal quest(s) – unless you lower difficulty.

Before venturing into the heart of the Worldwound, you will have a chance to have one final conversation with your companions and important NPCs, the Queen being one of them. Galfrey then confesses that being so close to victory allowed her to wonder about what happens next, after the Crusades are done – something unthinkable for the woman that had been the queen of Mendev for over a hundred of years, most of which were during the conflict with the Abyss. And the simple truth is that she no longer wants to be the monarch of Mendev and would rather follow her own heart – as long as it isn’t Daeran being her successor!

This is where the romance comes to its logical successful conclusion, and grants you an achievement called “A Flame” – finding love in the midst of the war with the Abyss.

Queen Galfrey Romance Guide - ThresholdHow to Romance Queen Galfrey - Threshold

The Queen then expresses the wish to accompany you into the final battle, joining the party as a hidden companion option alongside Trever. Surprisingly, for a chosen of Iomedae and the Paladin Queen of Mendev, her gear is not all that – she doesn’t even have the Covenant of the Inheritor you (might) have restored for her!

The conclusion is simple: level Galfrey up, grant her Mythic powers and take Seelah’s stuff to give it to the superior Paladin (Seelah Greatly Disapproves) to take on the end of the world in style, hand-in-hand. This is it, folks. Proceed through Threshold keep, claim your destiny – and enjoy the ending slides!

There is a variety of outcomes depending on the choices you have made through the game, for your character, their companions, love interest and the world at large. This journey has been long, at times quite arduous and slow, but it has certainly been worth every minute spent. 9.5/10, would recommend after some bug fixes in later Acts.

Not enough snarky comments from Daeran about the situation, though. I needed him to troll the Commander and his royal cousin about the whole affair. Hopefully, I’ll see you all with a new update when Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous DLC #1 launches!

PF WotR - Queen Galfrey Joins the Party

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