Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – How to Unlock All Mythic Paths

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous - Second Wave of Beta & Release Date

Owlcat Games’ latest creation, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, invites players to take part in a hundred-year-long raging conflict between the crusader nation of Mendev and the forces of the Abyss.

Of particular interest is the choice to become more than a simple human or tiefling or whatever humanoid race you are playing, to wield Mythic powers and perhaps even ascend to something greater. But first, you have to actually unlock these paths in the first two chapters of the game and make your first choice at Drezen.

In addition to opening completely new story scenarios, certain Mythic Paths also unlock special companions, interactions and even romances!

Note: the following article aims to explore how to unlock the Mythic Paths from a gameplay standpoint with minimal spoilers simply to ensure you don’t miss the option in your playthrough. If you are looking for the story-related consequences and differences, what will happen to your companions and Crusade, etc., you will not find it here.

How to Unlock the Angel Mythic Path

  • Where: Prologue – Underground Cave

The do-gooder Angel path is seemingly the default choice presented to you by the game and the one you will encounter first, with no way to miss it. Meeting Lann and Wenduag and interacting with Lariel’s sword unlocks this Mythic Path.

Throughout the first two chapters of the game, you will have quite a number of options when it comes to Angel, split between Good and Lawful. Of particular interest is an option to invite Queen Galfrey to join your Crusade and the siege of Drezen.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous - Angel

How to Unlock the Demon Mythic Path

  • Where: Prologue – Shield Maze

The second Mythic Path you will inevitably run into is the Demon. Simply continue adventuring through the Underground Cave and the Shield Maze until you run into Savamelekh, Hosilla and Wenduag, and then let your rage flow free.

If you ever wanted to punish the NPC gnats for daring to oppose your mighty PC, this is the path for you. It is up to you whether to allow the rage to take control, or to fight it, chain it and bring it to heel.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous - Demon

How to Unlock the Azata Mythic Path

  • Where: Kenabres – Market Square, Arendae Party House

Freedom-loving Azata is an option that requires completing a small questline during the siege of Kenabres. During your adventures in the Market Square, you will run into inquisitor Hulrun and Desnan priest Ramien. The two are squarreling while the city is burning around them, with Hulrun trying to pin the blame for Deskari’s attack on the followers of Desna.

You can stop this fight (and the fight that will follow at a later point of the quest) by presenting your Angelic light to Hulrun and ordering him to stand down. Worry not, using Angel choices will not lock you out of choosing a different path down the line.

Follow Ramien to the temple of Desna where he will ask you to look for Desnan adepts that earned the ire of Hulrun. If you agree and receive the quest Starward Gaze, one of the adepts, Ilkes, will appear before you and beg you to find his friends.

  • Aranka can be found in Arendae Party House, where you need to go to recruit Daeran anyway. She will mention that the third adept, Thall, is unlikely to simply be hiding, he will be trying to help people.
  • Return to the Market Square. You can find Thall with a group of Crusaders – he can easily be told apart by the large, plumed helmet he is wearing. Simply approach him, and deal with Hulrun that arrives to hound the Desnan adept.

Saving Thall and returning to the Temple of Desna will offer you a chance to talk to the trio of adepts. As thanks for saving their hides, they offer to sing you a song. Agree, and then choose to sing along.

Congratulations! The Azata path is now open to you.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous - Azata

How to Unlock the Aeon Mythic Path

  • Where: Kenabres – Market Square 

The path of the cosmic judge starts quite humbly compared to the rest of the Mythic powers. When you are adventuring through the Kenabres Market Square, proceed to the place where the festivities were held in the prologue and where the silver dragon Terendelev had been slain by Deskari.

There, on the ground, you will see an object to interact with that will start a storybook sequence with a vision granted by Aeon. Choose to accept the power.

Note: If you want to become Aeon, you HAVE to choose the Aeon option while dealing with the Wardstone at the end of the Gray Garrison. Choosing any other option will lock you out of the Mythic Path. It will still provide you with the achievement for unlocking them, though.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous - Aeon

How to Unlock the Trickster Mythic Path

  • Where: Kenabres – Blackwing Library

You can run into your first Trickster interaction in the Blackwing Library of Kenabres, the location you have to visit to save the Storyteller. Doing so before the Defender Heart Inn is attacked will also provide you with an extra buff for attacking the Gray Garrison.

In the Library, you face a bunch of cultists masquerading as the Crusaders. The Trickster Mythic Path option allows you to have some fun at their expense – if you can pass Perception/Lore: Religion check.

CHAOS all the way through!

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous - Trickster

How to Unlock the Lich Mythic Path

  • Where: Leper’s Smile, Lost Chapel

Much like the Azata, Lich is the Mythic Path that requires you to complete a quest chain in order to unlock it.

During your quest at Estrod Tower, you can run into the custodian that laments thieves stealing the wand that belonged to his esteemed mentor Zacharius. It is seemingly a harmless interaction – but is it really?

You will have a chance to catch up to the thieves and become more intimately familiar with them during your time at the Leper’s Smile location. After you are done with the bug queen, you can enter a cave that is located right next to her.

As you explore it, you will find missives left by the thieves indicating that things are not well with the wand. The presence of the undead only seems to prove them correct. When you encounter a named undead mob, you will notice that he and his minions keep respawning. To stop that from happening, you need to interact with the Wand of Zacharius. Pocket it for later – even if you don’t plan on becoming a Lich, the place it allows access to it offers extra experience, loot, and one hell of a fight.

The next part of the quest takes place in the Lost Chapel and can be completed during A Strike From The Sky quest that has you go there to save your army and companions. As you enter the Chapel itself, a hidden magical door will appear to you and allow you to descend into the catacombs below. There, you will find Zacharius, the owner of the evil wand of undeath and one of the Crusade’s greatest heroes turned into a Lich. If you want to proceed with the Lich Mythic Path, you have to give Wand of Zacharius back to him.

If you refuse, you are in for a tough battle. Bring along Protection from Evil/Chaos and scrolls of Remove Paralysis!

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous - Lich

The following mythic paths become available at a later point in the game, however, the prerequisites need to be fulfilled early on.

How to Unlock the Swarm-That-Walks Mythic Path

  • Where: Leper’s Smile

Unsurprisingly, the bug-related Mythic Path unlocks in the bugs-infested location, namely, Leper’s Smile. Before we proceed forth, here is an important note: in order to unlock the Swarm-That-Walks Mythic Path you have to allow Queen Galfrey to return to Nerosyan to proceed with this path. Having her join your Crusade by choosing the Angel/Aeon option will lock you out.

I repeat, do not bring Queen Galfrey along with you to the Crusade if you want this option.

After you have killed the Vescavor Queen at Leper’s Smile, choose the Evil dialogue option to collect her slime. Use the plague during the siege of Drezen. That is enough to get your quest underway, but the actual Path itself will unlock at a much later point. Until then you have to choose a different option.

In Act III, during the quest Demonic Parasites, examine the Vescavor Queen but don’t kill it – you’ll need to eat it later. You also have to find out more about Xanthir Vang’s powers by asking the man as much as you can about his unique abilities and later completing the decree called Xanthir’s Experiments.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous - Swarm

How to Unlock the Gold Dragon Mythic Path

  • Where: Prologue – Underground Cave, Leper’s Smile

Leper’s Smile is chock-full of Mythic Paths to unlock! If you have been impressed by the silver dragon Terendelev, protector of Kenabres, despite her untimely death, this is the path for you.

Much like the Swarm-That-Walks, the Gold Dragon path is acquired in much later Acts of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. However, the process to unlock it begins in the prologue Underground Cave of Kenabres. As you make your way through the caves, you will find a couple of scales that belonged to Terendelev.

Pick them up and show them to the Storyteller in Defender’s Heart after you save him from Blackwing Library in Kenabres. He will tell you a small story about the silver dragon, but require something else that belonged to Terendelev in order to be able to see more of her past.

Remember the cave that you venture into to get the Lich wand? In the very same cave, you can find Terendelev’s Claw laying on a destroyed wagon. Pick it up.

For a while, there is nothing to do as far as the Gold Dragon progression goes. The next step in the quest chain will appear during the Dragon Hunt quest where you will run into the Storyteller again. Show him the Claw. The memory sequence will point out the location of the silver dragon’s lair.

Find Terendelev’s Lair and clear it from enemies. When a mysterious stranger named Hal asks you to spare a cultist that seems entirely unrepentant and undeserving of such mercy, heed his suggestion. Attacking Hal OR the cultist locks you out of the Gold Dragon path. 

When you encounter Hal again way later in Act V, behave friendly and courteously, and you will get access to the Gold Dragon Mythic Path.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous - Gold Dragon

How to Unlock the Legend Mythic Path

One of the most interesting choices, Legend is a Mythic path that doesn’t have (almost) anything Mythic about it. If you wish to remain mortal and walk the arduous path towards becoming a living legend, this path is for you. While the option to swap to Legend is always presented to you at a certain story point, whether or not you manage to pull it off remains to be seen.

Throughout the game, there will be a few times when you can acquire new power or leave it behind, culminating in Act V.  Upon reaching Mythic Rank 8, you can choose to leave aside your Mythic powers – this choice will be made easier if you decided to refuse power at previous points. Either way, you are in for a tough skill check & battle to preserve your mortality!

Over time, your character will lose almost all their Mythic powers and feats but gain the ability to level up to 40.

More?.. How to Unlock the Devil Mythic Path

Those who have chosen the path of the Azata or the Aeon have an extra option when it comes to Mythic Paths, namely becoming a Devil, not to be confused with Demon.

  • As an Azata, you will encounter a potential advisor named Early Sunset. Throughout the chapter, he will offer you very peculiar advice three times. In order to swap to Devil down the line, you have to listen to him every time. Generally said, it will mean choosing Evil or Lawful options in the corresponding dialogues.
  • On your Aeon journey, you will meet a devil named Melies. Be courteous to him, grant him residence, allow him to become your court advisor, abide by his (sometimes strange) wishes and suggestions, pass the Devils’ test way down the line in Act V by defending your choices throughout the game – and the path to Lawful Evil greatness will be open to you.

I hope you have found the article helpful to your future endeavors in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. If you have any tips to add or want to see similar articles related to romances or any other feature of the game, let us know in the comments below.

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