Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Learn More About the Kitsune Race

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous - Learn More About the Kitsune Race

Developer Owlcat Games continues the line of lore-exploring articles dedicated to cRPG Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Following the overview of the Aasimar, Tieflings and Dhampirs, the team set their sights on the rarest and most exotic race that took part in the Fifth Crusade: the Kitsune, the fox folk.

Kitsune are known for their love of all things connected to trickery: from harmless pranks to grand schemes involving robbery or fraud, with Bard being a fairly common career path among this race. They resemble anthropomorphic foxes, but they are also able to shapeshift into human form. Hence, the nickname “werefoxes”.

Many Kitsune choose to bind their lives to magic, with one in a thousand having the potential to reach the peak of magical powers inherent in their race. If one such especially talented individual decides to further develop their abilities, they will begin to grow additional tails over time, up to nine in total.

“Truly, we kitsune are incapable of normalcy. We find our passion and surrender to it entirely, mind and soul.” – Lady Konomi

Every kitsune, which finds herself on a path leading to Mendev, has her own reasons to be there. Some, like Lady Konomi, are driven by the love of the political dance of negotiation, war, and intrigue. In Nenio’s case, it was the desire, nearly an obsession, to compile the most detailed encyclopedia ever written about Golarion. And the Commander of the Fifth Crusade has even more options for an unhealthy fixation: the art of warfare, the magical secrets of the abyss, and anything else you could imagine.

Meanwhile, the company is also holding a survey of how the players liked DLC2 – Through the Ashes. You can fill out the form here or join the discussion on Reddit.

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