Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – New Kickstarter Stretch Goal Announced

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous - New Kickstarter Stretch Goals Announced

UPDATE: The two new mythic paths stretch goal has since been funded and the team unveiled a new one – the addition of one of the three new races that differ dramatically from humans.

Which race will it be? Well, this time the choice will be yours — after the Kickstarter campaign ends, every backer will be able to vote on which of the three races you want us to add to the game. Choose wisely, as only one of the following races will make the cut.

Recently launched Kickstarter Campaign for Owlcat Games’ RPG Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous surges ahead with surety of a gold dragon thanks to the fans’ support. The game met its original stated goal of $300k in just a few hours and is already sitting at over $700k with eleven thousand people backing the project and 31 days to go still.

That said, the team unveiled a list of stretch goals, many of which have already been funded, to be added to the game thanks to the players’ support. Here are some of them:

  • New Class – Warpriest, a hybrid of a spell caster and a warrior, wearing heavy armor and fighting on the front lines. Funded.
  • New Companion – Woljif Jefto. Funded.
  • Mounted Combat + new Cavalier Class. Funded.
  • Dismemberment. Funded.

New stretch goal: Two More Mythics Paths. Upon reaching $770k in funding, the developers will add two more Mythic Paths to the already existing list of six (Angel, Lich, Aeon, Trickster, Demon, Azata). The newcomers are Swarm-That-Walks and Gold Dragon.

  • Feel the anger as a Swarm-That-Walks. Become one with the swarm and consumer your enemies, your locusts tearing the flesh from their bones. Let your allies beware – a stray word in your presence might turn them into a sacrifice to your powers. Destroy the demons invading from the Avuss, feed them to the swarm and then turn your gaze upon Golarion, still hungry. No price is too high for the one whose urge for vengeance eats them alive.
  • Learn the ways of wisdom and forgiveness as a magnificent Gold Dragon. Become a protector of the lesser races, stretch your wings, and lead the Dragonflight into battle against the invaders. Banish the demons and their worshippers and find mercy in your heart for those who still have a chance for redemption.

In addition to the funding goals, the team also brought a list of social goals. You can find it below:

If you wish to support the game,  consider backing Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous or visit the team’s social media: YoutubeInstagramTwitterDiscordFacebook & Twitch.

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