Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Where To Find All Companions

Owlcat Games’ Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, an indirect sequel to the studio’s previous work Pathfinder: Kingmaker, invites players to take part in an epic fight against the forces of the Abyss. During your journey, you can acquire tremendous Mythic powers and command grand armies to carry out your Crusade, explore a variety of locations and gather an entire hoard of magical loot. 

But the real treasure is friends and enemies made along the way! Below you can find the list of the main Wrath of the Righteous companions, where to get them, and how to recruit them into your party.  Some choices made during the game as well as your chosen Mythic Paths expand the list of companions with new faces, such as the Azata’s dragon friend Aivu and a number of hidden companions that can join your party temporarily or permanently.

How to recruit Seelah

  • Who: Lawful Good Paladin, human
  • Where: Prologue – Underground Cave
  • Romance: No

Seelah is the first companion you will inevitably run into during the prologue, siege of Kenabres. You will find her attempting to help Anevia free her leg from the rubble that had fallen onto the Eagle Watch spy. 

Once you are done with the dialogue, Seelah will be recruited automatically and will follow you into the Abyss, ready to serve as your stalwart protector – unless you tell her to get lost. By default, Seelah uses a one-handed weapon and heavy shield.

Pathfinder - Seelah

How to recruit Camellia

  • Who: Spirit Hunter (Shaman), half-elf
  • Where: Prologue – Underground Cave
  • Romance: yes, male protagonist

The second companion you will run into is a refined half-elf Shaman, Camellia, with a tongue sharper than the rapier she is wielding. From the very first conversation it is easy to see that Camellia is the type of character that stays aloof and keeps her distance from anyone else.

However, a demon invasion is no time to be picky, and this young noble lady will choose to follow you out of the caves. Finishing a dialogue with Camellia automatically recruits her to your party.

Pathfinder Camellia

How to recruit Lann

  • Who: Lawful Neutral Zen Archer (Monk), mongrel
  • Where: Prologue – Underground Cave
  • Romance: yes, female protagonist 

Following the prologue will have you run into a pair of bickering underground crusaders – mongrels Lann and Wenduag. The duo is looking for an angelic sword in the rubble, with Lann aiming to use the relic to find young mongrels that ventured into the Shield Maze. Wenduag is displeased with the idea, and even more displeased with your involvement. 

Finding the sword and choosing the Angel Mythic Path option in the mongrel camp ensures that Lann tags along with you into the Shield Maze – and whatever awaits after. In the depths of the Shield Maze you will have another prompt, asking you to choose one of the two mongrels for your party. 

The other one will leave, but you will have a chance to run into them later in the game. 

How to recruit Wenduag

  • Who: Neutral Evil Fighter, mongrel 
  • Where: Prologue – Underground Cave
  • Romance: yes, both genders

Wenduag is encountered alongside Lann during the prologue sequence in the underground caves of Kenabres. Unlike her softer companion, Wenduag respects power and has no patience for niceties. 

She will tag along with you into the Shield Maze if you choose to hide the Angelic Light from the mongrel tribe. In the depths of the Shield Maze you will have another prompt, asking you to choose one of the two mongrels for your party. 

The other one will leave, but you will have a chance to run into them later in the game.

Pathfinder Wenduag

How to recruit Woljif

  • Who: Chaotic Neutral Eldritch Scoundrel (Rogue), tiefling
  • Where: Kenabres – Defender’s Heart
  • Romance: no

Once you are done with the Shield Maze and the initial run through the Gray Garrison, you will find your gathered party in the relative safety of the Defender’s Heart inn. This is the first time in the game that you can re-specialize your character or their companions and recruit a new, optional party member! 

There are two exits from the inn. One leads you directly into the cellar below while the other takes you outside – you can find the entrance to the cellar nearby. Proceed inside. There you will see a number of soldiers guarding a lone cheeky tiefling, Woljif Jefto. He will ask you to implore Irabeth to free his tail. Talking to the half-orc woman and mentioning the thief is enough to have her agree to let him go.

Return to the tiefling with the news of his freedom. Congratulations, you’ve recruited Woljif!

How to recruit Ember

  • Who: Neutral Good Stigmatized Witch, elf
  • Where: Kenabres – Market Square
  • Romance: no

In the Defender’s Heart inn, you will learn that Deskari’s attack basically cleaved the city in half, and the only way to proceed to the other side is through the Market Square – the very place where festivities and revelries were taking place when the demons attacked.

During your adventures in the Kenabres Market Square, you can run into a group of crusaders that aim to sacrifice a young elven girl to receive Iomedae’s blessing against demons. 

There are a number of ways to resolve the situation that lead you to recruit the best Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous girl into your party, to the delight of some companions and the unmistakable revulsion of others. 

Pathfinder - Ember

How to recruit Daeran

  • Who: Neutral Evil Oracle, aasimar
  • Where: Kenabres – Arendae Party House
  • Romance: yes, both genders

In the very same Market Square, you will get approached by a servant that will beg you to save count Arendae whose party house is getting attacked by demons. 

If you want to streamline your playthrough, there is a quest that requires you to venture to the same location and is a part of the Azata Mythic path (and an early Arueshalae unlock). Check out our Mythic Paths guide for a detailed explanation! 

Leave the Market Square and travel to the Arendae Party House. Loot everything that isn’t nailed down (Daeran will not miss it), kill attacking demons, chat with the aasimar count – and you have secured yourself a sassy aasimar Oracle! 

Pathfinder - Daeran

How to recruit Nenio

  • Who: Neutral Scroll Savant (Wizard)
  • Where: Kenabres – Random Encounter
  • Romance: no

Yet more companions are linked to the infamous Kenabres Market Square! After you spend some time rummaging through the place and talk to the mysterious Stranger, Nenio will surprise you with a random encounter on the city map. 

Play along with her little game, FOR SCIENCE!, kill the cultists and agree to become the researcher’s minion to get this scholar a place in your party. If her particular type of humor and overall character are not to your liking, you can always tell her to get lost. 

Pathfinder - Nenio

How to get Finnean

  • Who: Talking Weapon
  • Where: Kenabres – Ancientries and Wonders Shop
  • Romance: no

One of the companions mentioned earlier in this article, Woljif Jefto, will immediately provide you with a personal quest (“Stolen Moon”) to defend his thieving honor. As a part of the quest, you will find yourself in a reputable old shop Ancientries and Wonders that was recently robbed by Woljif’s Family. 

As you explore – and loot everything that isn’t nailed down – you can encounter Finnean, a peculiar talking weapon that doesn’t know he is a weapon. Choose to take him with you – and since that point you will notice a new button in the bottom right of your inventory. 

Travel with the artifact to find out about his past and to unlock the hidden powers within the weapon. You can tell Finnean to turn into any weapon of your choosing.

Pathfinder - Finnean

How to recruit Sosiel

  • Who: Neutral Good Cleric, human
  • Where: Crusaders’ Camp
  • Romance: yes, male protagonist

After you are done with the liberation of Kenabres, you will find yourself in command of the Fifth Crusade bestowed on you by Queen Galfrey. In addition to a bunch of NPCs whose job entails making your life as the Knight Commander easier, she will also provide you with a new companion – Sosiel, Cleric of Shelyn. 

Much like Seelah and Camellia, his introduction is impossible to miss. Right away Sosiel will provide you with a personal quest that allows you to learn a bit more about him as a person – and loot everything that isn’t nailed down in the corresponding location. 

Pathfinder - Sosiel

How to recruit Regill

  • Who: Lawful Evil Armiger/Hellknight, gnome
  • Where: Reliable Redoubt
  • Romance: no

As you and your army make your way to Drezen, you will encounter a young Hellknight Yaker that brings you dire news: his chapter has been attacked by gargoyles and would not last long if the Commander doesn’t help. 

You can choose to ignore his warnings – but why would you if it means missing out on the best companion in the game? Accept his quest (“Walking by Hell”) and make your way to the Reliable Redoubt that would be unlocked on the world map. Before your party can access the location, your Crusade Army needs to defeat gargoyles that are blocking your path. 

Continue with the quest, and you will get a chance to recruit Regill into your party – his presence will also provide your Crusade Army with a new type of unit, Hellknights. 

Pathfinder - Regill

How to recruit Arueshalae

  • Who: Chaotic Neutral Espionage Expert (Ranger), succubus
  • Where: Drezen – Prison
  • Romance: yes, both genders

Your first encounter with Arueshalae would happen in Kenabres if you choose to finish the “Starward Gaze” quest and unlock the Azata Mythic Path. It won’t be much, all you will find is the message of a mysterious protege of Desna, warning Kenabres of the impending demon attack. 

You will meet the succubus in person in the prisons of Drezen. If you choose to go along with Nurah’s plans, your party will start their way there and run into Arue right away. If freed, the succubus will leave you and Drezen, like she promises. You will run into her again during the quest “Demon’s Heresy” and will be able to recruit her in Greengates.

However, there is a way to recruit her early in Drezen! For that, you need to have access to the Azata Mythic Path (requires finishing “Starward Gaze” quest in Kenabres) and do a small ritual in the Lost Chapel location before getting to Drezen. 

How to recruit Arueshalae early:

If you approach the cliffs next to the Lost Chapel building in the location of the same name, you can see prompts that allow you to climb further below. Explore the location.

At some point you will run into an altar dedicated to Desna. 

To be able to complete the ritual, you need to have three items – one of them, The Map of Unknown Lands,  is already on the altar; Small Sextant drops from a Kabriri cultist on the way to the cave; Small Harp can be found inside the cave itself.

Place both on the altar by interacting with the hand icon. The items can be found in your Notable tab. Click the buttons in the following order: Middle, Right, Left, Middle. Talk to Arueshalae. 

Doing so before Drezen unlocks new dialogue options with the succubus in the prison. If you choose the Azata Mythic path option of humming the song of Elysium, you can convince the succubus to join your team early.

Pathfinder - Arueshalae

How to recruit Greybor

  • Who: Neutral Slayer, dwarf
  • Where: Drezen – Half-Measure Inn
  • Romance: no

After you are done with the siege of Drezen, you will be given a quest “Dragon Hunt”. As a part of it, you need to talk to the bounty hunter for hire named Greybor. Depending on the way your game has gone so far, you could have run into him once or even a couple of times prior to this meeting.

Greybor will agree to help you out with your draconic problem if you pay him. Congratulations, you now have access to an axe murderer Slayer! 

Pathfinder - Greybor

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – How to Recruit Trever

  • Who: Chaotic Neutral Armored Hulk (Barbarian), human
  • Where: Act IV – Battlebliss Arena
  • Romance: No

Trever Vaenic is the older brother of Sosiel, the mythic group’s resident cleric, and the objective of his personal quest series. Throughout Sosiel’s search for his sibling, you will have multiple chances to offer your opinion on the fallen paladin. You want to support Sosiel but also keep from making him see Trever as a hero or a villain, offering more vague responses like “Maybe your brother isn’t the kind of man you remember”.

You will get a chance to run into Trever in person during the quest Prisoner of the Abyss / Experiencing the Bliss set in Act IV. The paladin-turned-Hellknight has been sold as a gladiator to fight in the Battlebliss arena.

Agree to have Sosiel fight him alone. The encounter between the two brothers will be presented in a dialogue form, offering you choices on how to act. Raise Trever’s shield Immaculate Petal to snap Dire One out of his combat rage. Then pick the option that says, paraphrasing, “I came to take you home”.

Following a combat sequence where you control Trever and Sosiel in the arena and kill some demons, Trever will join your party.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous - How to Recruit TreverI hope you have found the article useful for your adventures in Golarion. If you have any tips to add or want to see similar articles related to romances, Mythic Paths, Crusade battles tips & tricks, companion quests, hidden companions and how to recruit them, or any other feature of the game, let us know in the comments below.

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