Pathos Interactive Releases Bannermen Gameplay Video

Bannermen, the upcoming low fantasy Real-Time Strategy title from Pathos Interactive and 2tainment GmbH, is set to launch on February 21. In advance of the release, the team has released a new gameplay video, introducing aspiring Lords and Ladies to the core gameplay mechanics. Along with classic RTS basics such as character movement, base building, and army creation, the video highlights elemental magic, spells that allow you to wield Mother Nature herself to smite your enemies. These special spells allow you to summon lightning strikes, tornadoes, volcano outbursts, and more deadly nature-based effects which not only turn the tide of battle, but can change the face of the game world itself.

Whether reclaiming your lost realm in the solo campaign, testing out new strategies against computer controlled AI, or battling against other players in ranked online matches, Bannermen is sure to test your mettle. Bannermen will be available on Steam for PC on February 21. In the meantime, read below or stop by the official site to learn more.

About Bannermen

Bannermen takes place in the realm of Valtoria, a low-fantasy medieval world ravaged by decades of war, starvation, and natural disasters. Players take on the role of Lord Berrian trying to recapture his kingdom’s former glory, finding and rallying bannermen to battle against a host of tribes and the dark Lord Karthor. By utilizing nature powers — a core feature of Bannermen — players can leverage natural phenomena such as lightning strikes to electrocute armies, take advantage of dust storms that limit vision to sneak past enemies, and much more. With a fully story-driven campaign, each mission contains varied gameplay and challenges designed to push the narrative forward. Bannermen also provides online multiplayer modes with matchmaking and ladders.

As highlighted on its Steam page, Bannermen has several game modes available:

  • Singleplayer Campaign – take on the role of a fallen lord on his journey back to become one of the mightiest in the realm.
  • AI Skirmish – battle it out with an AI and fight for humanity.
  • Ranked Matches – climb the online ladder either alone or as a duo to prove who is the best commander.
  • Unranked Matches – try out new strategies or take it easy while still finding online matches easily.
  • Custom Games – choose your own team composition and map with up to 8 players.
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